Almost 21

I can't believe I'm almost 21! What thaaa. You know so I had to make my birthday somewhat important but also unique this year unlike the rest. So where does everyone else go for there 21st birthday? B***h you guessed it. Las Vegas! I am super excited yet still have to plan what i'm going to wear while I am there for three days. Basically I have no clubbing clothes or heels for that matter (never had the need). But this is what I've come up with for my birthday night. Simple but classy and always high fashion (of course). My next move is to quickly recreate this look before I leave.


New in: Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers

 photo IMG_2508_zpsxktydwlr.jpg  photo IMG_2518_zps9u5orxeb.jpg  photo IMG_2509_zpsihjz1ysz.jpg  photo IMG_2510_zpsamckda4s.jpg  photo IMG_2511_zpsufilw7al.jpg
A seriously long overdue post but "you know how that s**t go". I've been incredibly busy so the fact that these shoes haven't gotten the attention they deserve is unfortunate. But I'm sure you've all seen these shoes once in your life. These shoes are super comfortable but definitely tricky to wear. Doesn't exactly go with everything but when it does it's perfection. I bought these around Christmas time. So hey a few months late ain't so bad.


Ashley Benson for "Wonderland" Magazine

 photo 2647583D00000578-2977762-image-a-11_1425401086940_zpsuyhmtpcl.jpg  photo 2647583900000578-2977762-Hard_at_work_Currently_Ashley_stars_on_the_ABC_Family_hit_Pretty-a-7_1425405174110_zps0dzcmfod.jpg  photo 2647584100000578-2977762-image-a-10_1425401074250_zpsztzsaqwx.jpg
Her hair is currently what I'm aiming for.

March Inspiration

 photo tumblr_nes6p8LzF81sotpapo1_1280_zpsrjwzc086.jpg  photo tumblr_nj3v60D7LC1qb635yo1_1280_zpskmuw21rm.jpg  photo tumblr_nj24br0Fyg1tq8bfxo1_1280_zps3m6mhjol.jpg  photo tumblr_nht76wXFwO1rtxgizo1_1280_zps5ccdpmna.jpg  photo tumblr_n0ld2ggCeI1r7bxqfo1_1280_zpswwvzzt8m.jpg  photo tumblr_ney51vJH2o1rq1sano1_1280_zps0rhpzsdg.jpg  photo tumblr_ng8c5ks30p1qjunulo1_1280_zpsfinzxwik.jpg
A set of a few of my favorite photos so far the month of March. Oh and yeah this is the month of my birthday. Hella excited.