Spring Wardrobe

April inspiration. After months of searching I finally found a summer job I can be happy with. My spring wardrobe will include ripped white denim, light & airy cardigans, striped tees, furry cropped sweaters, taupe bobby sneakers, lots and lots of layered gold & diamond jewelry. Minimal make up with clean lines. One more month of school and then summer! This school year went by hella fast... but that's ok with me. This summer I am planning on expanding my business and I am super excited to see where this goes. Come along with me for the ride!


Jewelry Collection

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I guess when you are on Spring Break you force yourself to find something to do. I thought I would share my jewelry collection. If you know me by now... you should know that I am obsessed with jewelry. It is a proven fact that I got this gene from my mother. Anyways I try to keep my jewelry as contemporary as possible. Maybe it is my age but I find with simplicity I can get more use out of my jewelry. It goes with more outfits and there is no fuss in putting it on. Lately I have been loving stacked rings and pave anything. My only rule for wearing jewelry is I don't like to mix metals. Only on speical occasions like a Day-Date Rolex watch in silver + gold... but to me it almost looks and feels dated... then again Day-Date Rolex's are dated. Jewelry is probably the best investment you can make other than buying a house, car, or stocks. It holds its value and even goes up (gold). When in doubt find a staple piece of jewelry you can wear for years to come. Basics every girl should own in their jewelry collection includes: a diamond eternity ring, gold watch, diamond earrings, and pearl earrings. Something for every occasion.. am I right.


Sephora Beauty Haul

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New in: Beauty products I can't wait to try. I finally used up all of my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer and have wanted to try the Make Up Forever HD foundation for such a long time. I ended up matching my shade in N120. This foundation is absolutely flawless, you could hardly tell I was wearing any. And might I just add this is the closest color match I have found to my skin. The lovely lady who assisted me applied this Too Faced Bronzer in "Sunny Bunny" which I ended up purchasing as well. I loved that this bronzer gave me such a natural glow. I also picked up Sephora's Contouring Brush in #25 along with the Original Beauty Blender sponge applicator which I plan on using to apply my foundation. I also received two samples, a Bumble and Bumble hair oil and an Ultra Repair Cream which I can't wait to try. Now that it is officially Spring I am going to start experimenting more with my make up. These goodies should give me a nice start.


Weekends in Malibu

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Outfit: Topshop Hat, Alice + Olivia Vest, Rag & Bone Denim, Sam Edelman Petty Booties, Givenchy Pandora Bag
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Started my Spring Break off right. I drove to Malibu for the weekend to forget about school for a while. I can never seem to shake off how beautiful it is here. And why I chose to live anywhere else. I can't tell you how much I missed Malibu. The environment is as distant as chaos could be. I treated myself to lunch at Marmalade Cafe. Then went next door to Sephora for long overdue make up. After visiting the new AllSaints store where I could just wonder around for eternity... I found myself at the beach. Views like these are ones not to be messed with, only to be appreciated.

And on that note. This is my very first post for my new website. I am super excited to launch my "StyleinCali.com" and I can't wait to share this journey with everyone.


March Instagram

March was definitely a crazy month. I turned 20 this month which still hasn't set in that I am that old... All in all though I am super grateful for all that I have. I celebrated my birthday weekend at Barney's in Beverly Hills where I picked up a pair of Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers in "Taupe" and my Givenchy Pandora Bag. I looked back in my blog archive to see when my first Givenchy Pandora post was and I kid you not it was three years ago! I can't believe I was obsessed with something for so long... but it goes to show if you want something bad enough there is a way! After Barney's I finished of my birthday at Katsuya in Brentwood. I also managed to fit in a trip to Malibu to surround myself with familiarity. Overall I am trying to stay healthy, happy, and stress free. xx

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