MS MR - Ash Tree Lane (Official Music Video)

New video on my music youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/goodshitk. Let me know what you guys think. Isn't this video awesome. I definitely need to start recreating music videos with my vintage clips. Make sure to follow me and share if you find this interesting.


Photo Diary | Monterey

 photo 928656_512773265521898_1165258331_n_zps9ed4b75f.jpg  photo 10611101_561396403972004_1720282918_n_zps17e17e81.jpg  photo photo2copy2_zps4d1330c6.jpg  photo photo4_zps2d2bf53b.jpg  photo photo1copy2_zps60ab3f02.jpg  photo photo2copy3_zps896942cd.jpg  photo photo_zps112ab00d.jpg  photo photo2copy4_zpscd0278df.jpg
 photo photo_zpsb6682994.jpg
I am a little late posting my road trip to Monterey but better late than never... Cars have been a huge part of my family's life for the past 50 years. Going back to my Grandpa on my Dad's side. Going to the Monterey Car Show has been a tradition in my family for a really long time. I am very grateful that I grew up with a different perspective and outlook on cars. It's funny that people can look at cars as just objects to get you from point a to point b. But for those of us that understand how much history there is behind cars can really appreciate how special they truly are. I always love the look on guys faces when I tell them I have grown up around Italian cars my whole life. Never gets old. Basically... Monterey has this 4 day car show which starts Aug 14-18. It includes the RM Auctions on Thursday and Friday which are always fun. It never surprises me how much people pay for classic cars. My family and I also attend the "Concorso Italiano" which is a car show that includes Ferrari's, Alfa Romeo's, Maserati's, Lamborghini's, Fiat's, Lancia's, and more. But my favorite by far is going to the Laguna Seca Raceway. To actually see these cars racing always gives me chills. The sound and smell never gets old. The 6 hour car ride from LA to Monterey is always worth while when there is so much to look forward to once you are there. It's kind of crazy looking back on past trips to Monterey, in the back seat of my Dad's Alfa when I was ten to the more recent years in his Ferrari 365 GT. You grow up around these cars your whole life and it's always hard letting them go.


New in: Estee Lauder Lilac Perfume + MAC

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I picked up a few necessary beauty essentials before I go back to school. I picked up this Estee Lauder perfume in "Lilac". This perfume is part of the "Aerin" collection which also has gardenia, rose, and musk scents. They all smell amazing, it was so hard to choose. The "Lilac" scent was the first one I gravitated towards. I don't own a floral perfume scent but have always like them. I am really excited to start using this perfume for the new school year. Sometimes a fresh scent is all you need. I also had to pick up some basics from MAC. I picked up my favorite base eyeshadow in "brulé". This is a really neutral eyeshadow that is perfect for highlighting the brow bone. I also bought my usual eyebrow pencil in "Fling". This is the perfect eyebrow pencil for blonde eyebrows. Lastly, I had to replace my Pro longwear concealer in NW20. Still my number one full coverage concealer. This concealer does wonders for my skin imperfections. On that note, this school year is going to be crazy hard now that I am entering my upper division classes but it will be rewarding in the end.
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Outfit of the Day | California Style

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Outfit of the Day: Plaid shirt by "Rails", Shorts by "Free People", Bag by "Marc by Marc Jacobs", Watch by "Michael Kors", Gladiator Sandals by "Steve Madden" photo photo1_zpse6f8753c.jpg  photo photo3_zpse2649810.jpg  photo photo4_zpsce32bff9.jpg  photo photo2copy_zps0bd7ecf7.jpg  photo photo2_zpse66cc804.jpg
I recently purchased this rails shirt and I am so happy I picked this up. The color combination goes so well with white denim shorts. I really like the different ways I can wear this plaid shirt; buttoned up, open, and around my waist. Simple outfits are what I am wearing these days.