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TopShop Cropped Shirt, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, H & M Sweater, ChloƩ Susanna Boots, Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack
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OUTFIT: American Apparel Baseball Tee, Free People Shorts, Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bacpack photo IMG_4439_zpsxsjlssxt.jpg  photo IMG_4437_zpsh3oesjbz.jpg
This was one of those days where you wake up feeling really lazy. I had gone to Hollywood the previous night... so knowingly I would wake up at 11:30 am and put on the simplest outfit I could think of. I definitely like very basic stuff so it doesn't require much thinking when I get dressed in the morning. And you can never go wrong with being monochromatic... it's like matching but unintentional. I've been getting some serious use out of both my Marc by Marc Jacobs bag and my Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers. Both are really nice staple pieces to have in my wardrobe. I am considering splurging on a Stella McCartney backpack.... but we'll see.



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Zara Plaid Shirt, Lucky Brand Jeans, Sam Edelman Petty Boots, Hardtail Tank, Marc by Marc Jacobs Backpack photo IMG_4181_zps0gnnvlch.jpg  photo IMG_4179_zpsf4z2p1vr.jpg


March Instagram

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Instagram @styleincali

March was a weird month for me. Turning 21 was great but my life is still where I don't want it to be.  The past couple of months I have not been productive at all and I have always been that type of person. So I know something is definitely missing from me internally to feel this way. I've definitely encountered a lot of new experiences this past month. The negative ones are good references to not make the same mistake twice. A few of these photos are old just to remind me when I felt at my peek of creativity. Others are to put my life in perspective. The good, the bad, and even the ugly all have some backhanded message you can get out of. I am grateful to have such a strong support system around me from family and friends that I know I'll get back on track.

Photo Diary | Las Vegas

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VEGAS was.... like everything you would expect it to be. Seriously though my closest friends planned the trip for me. We ended up sharing three birthdays my birthday weekend which made the trip that much better. We stayed for three days but felt way longer so by the time we actually left I was ready to go. We didn't arrive till midnight which in actuality was perfect timing considering I couldn't get into any clubs until I was exactly 21. Hence the 21 plus times I had every club bouncer wish me a happy birthday. We ended up going clubbing the first night at an insane indoor/outdoor pool party. Not a bad way to get introduced to the adult life. I went to some insane pool parties at both Encore and Tao and night clubs at the Marquee, Tao, and Encore seeing Rae Sremmurd, Laid-back Luke and Alesso perform. The weather was perfect too. These are seriously the most random collection of photos but worth sharing.