Design Aesthetics

Today I'm sharing a few clips from my home. You know I love a good play around with eye pleasing luxury items. It's taken me some time to really figure out my interior aesthetics and know what kind of vibe I want my home to be. Just like fashion, interior design trends are always changing. Knowing what pieces are worth investing in can be a challenge.

I've always loved white furniture, but as I grow older I want to go outside my design comfort zone. Still keeping with my modern contemporary aesthetics, but finding pieces that are more interesting. I've always been a big fan of texture and that's what I usually reach for when you have all white furniture. I've also started adding in more color and hardware too. I found adding copper / gold tones and a mauve pink color have warmed up my space completely.

forever yours,

VINTAGE Denim Jacket
C√ČLINE Sunglasses

There is nothing better than a cute outfit that's comfortable. I kept the color palette of this look neutral. You can never go wrong when you do that. I love this dress from Fashion Nova I picked up last year. It fits really nicely and the lace up details in the front go well with my Chinese Laundry sandals. I layered my vintage denim jacket over this simple dress to add some dimension. A denim jacket is an essential piece to have for Summer. The lighter the wash the better.

I've really learned to make my clothes go farther by trying out new looks constantly. Basics like these allow you to switch up your styles very easily, eliminating the need to buy clothes frequently.



Location: El Matador Beach, CA
TOBI Dress

I spent last weekend at El Matador Beach (see last post). This was another look that went beautifully with the setting. It was extremely windy that day which made it easy to wear this Tobi dress, but a headache for my hair. I realized that you can always find some positivity in a negative situation and the result can turn out better than you expected. When your life takes a different path sooner than you were ready for, you come across challenges you don't want to face. Some people handle uncomfortable situations better than others. I for one... am still learning. I'm very frustrated at the way our society is structured and how there is really only one way to live (according to societal standards). I know the younger generation is taking more risks, allowing for doors to open for the unconventional way of living. But the more I look towards my future, the more I want to be in control. Not dictated by my age, my experiences, or social status. So where does one go from here...


June Inspiration

"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."


ZARA Shorts

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Malibu. I had some time to reflect on the past and present. Life is ever changing and very unpredictable. So yes, the good only last as long as the bad. I'm looking for more to life than what I've been living. I'm tired of choosing to live my life as were expected to. I want to do things my way this time and go with my gut. I wasn't meant to be someone's puppet. I have far too much going for me to settle for exploitation. I don't want to hold back anymore. I have this momentum that I hope will continue to carry me to something better. I deserve that...

My outfit was actually perfect for this day. I went to El Matador Beach in Malibu in the late afternoon when the wind started to pick up. This sweater by Aran Sweaters Direct kept me warm and cozy. It's a beautiful turtleneck sweater from Ireland. The beach was extremely packed on Memorial Day and I don't normally do "crowds", but there was something special about being around good energy that gave me what I needed. A sense of belonging.