October Instagram

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Instagram @styleincali

And another month down. Crazy how time can fly. My semester is almost over and I am really looking forward to all the holidays to come. October was definitely an exciting month. I am really happy about all the new people I have met and the experiences I have done. I continue to try to handle the heavy weight of stress and responsibilities. Some days I can do it, and others I can't. For the first time since I started college I have really started to enjoy myself. I've come to the realization that you are meant to do what you want now while you can. While you're young. On another note, I am really experimenting with my style. I picked up a pair of classic vans high tops. I have been really into the "sporty look". You know.... jerseys, mesh, stripes, leather, and chucks. I just bought myself an oversized vertical striped baseball tee (mens of course) and am obsessed with it. I just need to find a black leather baseball hat and I'm set. It's good to have phases, you learn what is working for you in that moment.



 photo tumblr_nd9skqH2Pb1qe31lco2_500_zps155bffa5.jpg  photo jreihsen_body_double_15x15_acrylic_on_panel_zpsd4af4341.jpg  photo IMG_5651_zpse21cf303.jpg  photo IMG_5637_zpsb26af24c.jpg  photo JReihsen_Canyoutellmehowtogettonewport_11x11_Acryliconpanel_zps61616c90.jpg  photo tumblr_nd9skqH2Pb1qe31lco1_500_zps1955ff13.jpg  
Really pissed at myself for losing the artists name on this one... but I thought I would share these pieces anyways. Really love the pastel color choices made by the artist. Very nice hues, super dreamy. And of course, you can't beat the texture.


Back to School

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TopShop Hat, TopShop T-Shirt, T by Alexander Wang Blazer, AllSaints Leather Skirt, ChloĆ© Susanna Boots, Givenchy Pandora Bag
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This is my favorite outfit from my Fall Lookbook. I love that this outfit is something I wouldn't normally wear but I took a chance and it somehow works. The colors and textures of this outfit really balance each other out.


Familiar Territory

 photo photo9_zps42979716.jpg  photo photo4_zps182700ce.jpg  photo photo8_zps8325eb8d.jpg  photo photo3_zpsf1fd50f3.jpg  photo photo10_zps4f5e1175.jpg  photo photo6_zps317a19ff.jpg
ZARA Plaid Shirt, Brandy Melville T-Shirt. ZARA Leather Pants, Doc Martins

Outfit one of four from my Fall Lookbook. This outfit is such a laid back casual look that it defines my style on so many levels. I am a jean girl at heart and wearing boots and plaid are part of my weekly ritual.



Hi everyone! I know I am a little late but here is my Fall Lookbook. Super excited to share this fun little collection of looks. Make sure to give this video some love and like it!