Off the Shoulder Dress x Revolve Clothing


I spent part of my weekend at the 3rd Street Promenade for a little Christmas shopping. By far my least favorite place to go because it's always so packed. But, we decided to make a day out of it and go ice skating as well. The weather's been very random due to the California fires so I wore a dress with long sleeve's to keep me somewhat warm as the day went on. I purchased this Revolve Clothing Dress on sale during Black Friday week. It's slightly too big for me, which is unfortunate because I can't return it. However, I tried to make it work without looking like a sack of potatoes. I've wanted a dress like this for the longest time. I love anything off the shoulder, but the leg slit and button details made this super cute. This isn't really a dress you can wear with other fashion items it's more a stand alone piece. Then I gave the outfit some contract with gold and black accents for my accessories and shoes. Overall, happy with this dress and I will definitely wear it for more casual days like when I go shopping.

Be sure to watch my vlog of full day shopping below or HERE.


Cropped Tops and Striped Pants

SEPHORA Lipstick

Apparently LA doesn't know what season it's in... so that leaves me to dress how I please. I did a little Christmas shopping this pass weekend with this outfit. Not really sure what I was going for with this look, but I ended up really liking it. I purchased these striped pants off of Revolve Clothing and love them. They are extremely comfortable and a nice change from the usual denim jeans. They fit really nice around the hips and I love the laced up detailing in the front. The pants also flare out at the bottom giving off a 70's vibe. Not at all hard to style. I wanted to balance the outfit with a crop top from Fashion Nova. This top is not only super cute, but extremely affordable. It's got cute ruffle detailing throughout. The long sleeves are nice because the rest of the top is revealing. Styling these pants with the right pair of shoes was the most difficult. I didn't want to wear heels or sandals so my Sam Edelman boots were my only option. I kept my boots low-key as I didn't want them to compete with my pants which were the focal point.

I kept this outfit pretty monochromatic with not introducing any other colors besides white and black, but you could totally through some color with your top or accessories. Bag of course is from Saint Laurent. Seriously the best mini cross body bag I've come across and the gold chain always ties in the outfit together nicely. Now my favorite part of this outfit is definitely the red lips! I think I've finally found the perfect red lipstick that feels and looks great. Surprisingly enough, it was Sephora who sold me. Sephora's Cream Lip Stain in 01 'Always Red' is the perfect shade of red to wear to all your holiday parties. This liquid lipstick is extremely long wearing and comfortable on the lips. Highly recommend this product.

I hope you enjoyed this outfit post. Be sure to check out my "Holiday Makeup Look" down below!


Holiday Gift Guide

I'm sharing 16 gifts that anyone would love! The gifts I picked range from high to low, so there is something here for everyone to give as a gift. Sometimes holiday shopping can be overwhelming with so much to choose from. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. Coasters - You can never go wrong with coasters. Coasters are a classy gift to give someone who just moved recently or enjoys a few cocktails or two.

2. Diamond Ring - A diamond eternity ring is the perfect timeless piece of jewelry. Giving jewelry is always special that is why I recommend giving it to a loved one.

3. Tom Ford Book - Perfect for your fashionista friend! Do you have a friend that loves decorating her home and has bold style? This book is the book to make a decor statement.

4. Marble Tray - You can never go wrong with marble. Marble screams luxury and sophistication. Giving a tray allows the gift receiver to use the tray as they please. Whether for displaying jewelry and perfume or for entertaining this gift will surely win them over.

5. Diptyque Candle - Don't want to spend a lot, but want to give a bit of luxury? Diptyque candles are just that. A slice of luxury. These are long burning candles so they'll be able to enjoy hours of burning time. They also are a great decor accessory!

6. Gold Hoops - Another must-have staple in your girlfriends or best friends jewelry collection. Goes with everything and timeless.

7 + 8. Origins Mask & Herbivore Mask - Both of these masks are great for brightening skin. During the Winter, our skin tends to dry out leaving our skin dull and pale. A gift that comes with pampering.

9. Christophe Robin Hair Mask - Hair Mask are never a gift people think to give, but they are lovely. This one by Christophe Robin is wonderful. It smells great and leaves your hair soft and healthy afterwards.

10. Givenchy Card Holder - Giving a gift of designer is always thoughtful and won't break the bank. A card holder is always useful.

11. Topshop Tee - Basics are always great when you're on a budget. You can't disappoint. This tee by Topshop is a wardrobe must-have.

12. YSL Sunset Bag - For those of you looking to splurge, a designer bag such as this one can make your receiver very happy. If you can't decide on a bag, always go with their favorite color.

13. Vince Cardigan - No one makes cardigans and sweaters better than Vince. Their clothing is extremely cozy and comfortable. You've been warned. This is the perfect gift to give your mother.

14. Sephora Liquid Lipstick - I am biased to this product already. I own it and love it! It's extremely long wearing, comfortable on and extremely pigmented. For $12 you should buy them in every color. The red lipstick shade is the perfect holiday lip color. Super affordable gift for your best friend.

15. Cami NYC Tank - If you like giving unique gifts, try a silk top. Super stylish and chic. This one by Cami NYC comes in plenty of colors for you to choose from.

16. Christian Dior Perfume - Perfume is by far the easiest gift to give a woman. But buying the right one is what's most important. This perfume by Christian Dior called "Miss Dior" is the perfect universal scent all women would appreciate. Besides, they'll die for the packaging first.

The Perfect 501 Levi Jeans

Forever 21 Sweater
Levi 501 Denim

The weather is unpredictable in Los Angeles these days, so I dress for comfort instead. I went out to one of my favorite burger joints, Apple Pan for dinner. This outfit was super cute to wear. You can always match your top to your shoes. It works every time. I picked up these 501 Levi Jeans from Revolve. They are extremely cute and affordable. If you are looking for the classic 501 fit, definitely check out these jeans on Revolve. They have a variety of styles and fits. So worth it! I styled with my Sam Edelman petty booties. These are everything! They're on sale at Nordstrom's. If I didn't already have a second pair I would definitely pick up another. And of course... my go to bag as of late, my YSL wallet on chain. The perfect going out bag. The chain always looks stunning at night. A very simple, but cute outfit for sure. Perfect for a date night out getting burgers.


Boujee Night Out in Downtown LA

ZARA Denim Jacket

My boyfriend and I went to Downtown LA to visit The Broad museum and have a nice dinner at The Perch. Downtown is one of my favorite places to go to get away from LA. It really does give me New York vibes, but without the obnoxious egos you can find in NYC. A little more my pace is all I'm trying to say. I can't remember the last time I went to a modern art museum. Way more photogenic than old art in my opinion (especially for Instagram). We didn't go to the "Infinity Mirrored" exhibit. I wasn't waiting in line for an hour for a 30 second experience and to walk away with one picture. Not about that overhyped life. My boyfriend and I walked as far as we could to the exhibit and saw it from a distance, that was enough for me. I had more fun looking at the art upstairs. Artists work from Jeff Koons to Basquiat and Keith Haring were far more interesting to look at. I've always admired and loved them. After that, we headed over to The Perch Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. My boyfriend picked out this place and let me tell you... he always finds the best places to spoil me. This restaurant was so my taste in terms of aesthetics and vibe. A little boujee, but nothing too fancy. We sat at the cutest two seater table outside with the view of surrounding skyscrapers all around us. It was a magical experience, one you don't experience that often. The food was French and super delicious. Highly recommend "The Perch" in Downtown LA if you ever need a place to hang out and grab a drink or food.

You can watch my full Vlog down below!