Hi everyone! I know I am a little late but here is my Fall Lookbook. Super excited to share this fun little collection of looks. Make sure to give this video some love and like it!

TopShop Hat
TopShop T-Shirt
T by Alexander Wang Blazer
AllSaints Leather Skirt
Chloé Susanna Boots
Givenchy Pandora Boots

ZARA Plaid Shirt
Brandy Melville T-Shirt
ZARA Leather Pants
Doc Martins

Helmut Lang Skirt
AllSaints Shirt
Chloé Susanna Boots
Alice + Olivia Vest

IRO Paris Leather Jacket
IRO Paris T-shirt
TopShop Jamie Jeans
Balenciaga Bracelet
Sam Edelman Boots


5 Shoes worth Investing in

1. Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers
2. Chanel Leather Espadrilles
3. Chloé Susanna Boots
4. Valentino Rockstud Pumps
5. Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots

All five of these shoes have been getting a ton of attention from the fashion world over the past few years. I continue to see all five of these shoes in high demand and it isn't hard to see why. 

Starting with the Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers. I have had the pleasure of trying these on in the yummy taupe color (hoping to buy soon) and I was seriously surprised by how comfortable these are. Along with this shoe being extremely well made I just think it is a good looking shoe. Isabel Marant took an ugly sneaker design and made it fashionable. I commend her for that. I think if you are a sneaker head then definitely buy these if you want some luxury on your feet. These sneakers are way more practical for me than some Valentino heels at the moment... 

Moving on to the Chanel Espadrilles. At first I did not understand the hype... because visually there is no design appeal or interesting features but sadly they grew on me. If you are an obsessor of flats and want to own something by Chanel in canvas or leather then I say go for it. These flats can last you a long time if you take care of them. 

Next are the Chloé Susanna Boots which I recently bought. Best purchase I have made all year. Let me just tell you if you don't already know but these shoes are the most beautiful shoes ever made. I mean you don't have to be a fashion enthusiast to appreciate what goes into designing and making a shoe like this. If you are a boot connoisseur (like me) and want a shoe that is flattering on everyone then this.... this is the shoe for you. Such a classic silhouette... just screams class.

Now for my favorite impractical shoes... the Valentino Rockstud pumps. As a college student I don't have any use for these stunners right now... but that doesn't stop me from wanting them. If you are in a position where wearing heels is an everyday event... then buy yourself a pair of heels that will be a game changer. You will get compliments nonstop, I'm telling you. I also love anything with studs so this doesn't help my infatuation with this shoe!

Lastly, are the Balenciaga Ceinture boots. These boots were probably the first serious designer shoes I ever came across. When I was starting to get into heavy designer fashion, I remember being really perplexed by these shoes. I immediately liked them but I loved that they made me think about fashion in a different way. They were unlike any other shoe I had ever seen. And till this day, I still think they are worth buying. As my mom would say... "They are too trendy"... I would say... "Not for someone who gets fashion".


Fall Clothing Haul | IRO, ZARA, CHLOÉ

 photo photo1_zps11077cde.jpg
Picked up some Fall essentials a few weeks ago. My laziness' is the answer to my lateness. Forgive me. Anyways if you follow me on YouTube @styleincali.... then you should have already seen these clothing items. I am a sucker for plaid and leather. I think I am on my fifth plaid shirt which is alright with me. I don't think you can go wrong really. And as far as leather goes... I think that owning leather in every way possible that is wearable is amazing. I finally picked up a pair of leather pants (there fake) that will give my wardrobe a better mix of textures. Sometimes I get sick of wearing just plain black denim skinny jeans and surprisingly these leather pants are pretty comfortable. 


October Inspiration

 photo tumblr_my7d51fChX1qmqgfdo1_500_zpsb57f1c89.jpg  photo tumblr_nanms3OjKD1qazha9o1_1280_zpsa13ad0ec.jpg  photo tumblr_n7viut3vGM1rs8w78o1_1280_zpsf6f48eaf.jpg  photo tumblr_n3bdpo6Q8p1sqjlogo1_1280_zps6451cd1e.jpg  photo tumblr_naqfwpchK91trnxh3o1_1280_zps224b8f2c.jpg  photo tumblr_ncuzp1iaLI1trnxl3o1_1280_zps3d1f6b0d.jpg  photo tumblr_mxr8dhTEpE1qmix1to1_400_zpscc54b591.jpg  photo tumblr_n8gst8kAl01qe78lgo1_1280_zps6a5523bc.jpg  photo tumblr_mteep784pt1qekeawo1_1280_zps300882e3.jpg  photo tumblr_n95zxbZm4N1rlproko1_500_zpsc655993a.jpg  photo tumblr_mz50lvkaAo1rc2ub3o1_500_zps6e579ae1.jpg
I know these images don't represent October but this is what is influencing me this month. I have been studying a lot of old architecture and really like what I am discovering. I find my style to be a modern day "renaissance" of old and new influences. I am still looking for some cool graphic art pieces and some sculptural art to give my wall some character. So far October has brought up some past memories... moments I took for granted during my youth. I am hoping to reinvent those carefree events again. Fall is starting to seem like the perfect time to try things I have always wanted to try. And most importantly not force anything that wasn't meant to be... Lots of love... as always.