Summer Stripes

RAY-BAN Sunglasses

This past weekend I went to the Getty Villa located off PCH in Malibu. It was seriously nice to feel so secluded and away from the rift raft. Greek and Roman art has always been my favorite and I hope to one day visit Greece and Rome. I felt it was only appropriate to wear this darling outfit when visiting such a beautiful place. This striped dress from Urban Outfitters really is everything. It gives me "Girl Next Door" vibes for sure. There is so much going on with this dress from the cute cut and fit to the striped detailing and buttons that you really don't need to layer it with anything else. I wore some scrappy sandals from Chinese Laundry to tie in the straps from my dress this way you eye travels from top to bottom. These shoes are on sale for $25 so get them while you can! For accessories I wore the usual Saint Laurent wallet on chain, my Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses and Paul Rich watch. I really love this outfit. It made me feel really girly.



First time visiting the beach this Summer. I know it's sad. I usually like to avoid the typical touristy spots along the PCH coast so I ending up at a low-key spot. It's nice to take a step out of your environment for a day and do nothing. Sometimes it's really hard for me to sit and do exactly that. I'm always feeling the need to be creating or finding new opportunities, but a clear mind sets me up for a better future. I continue to stay motivated on my goals for success.

Adidas Trackpants

RAY-BAN Sunglasses

Summer viben' in Adidas track pants. I finally found a pair in my size. I've been on strike against wearing denim jeans this Summer because it has been disgustingly hot. These track pants are refreshing to wear in that my legs can breathe, but still be covered up. I of course love the iconic three vertical stripes down the pants. It adds a geometrical style that makes dressing up way too easy. On top I have a cropped tee from Brandy Melville to keep me cool and finished off with Rosegal perspex heels to keep this look minimal and monochromatic. These heels are everything... I've been in dire need of perspex heels to go with my outfits for more added dimension. Anything transparent I love!



RAYBAN Sunglasses
TOPSHOP Denim Skirt

When you don't feel like being extra, but still want to look cute so I wear this. This baby tee from Brandy Melville in this blush pink color is the perfect Summer tee. It really goes well with neutrals. I can't get myself to stop wearing skirts. I used to be such a tomboy back in the day, but skirts and dresses are so comfortable and breathable! I hate wearing jeans unless it goes with my whole look, but even then it's a days worth of my stomach being squeezed and legs feeling suffocated. Is that just me or... Besides it's Summer. I wore this white Topshop lace up denim skirt. Topshop makes by far the best denim skirts that are of great quality, fit, and price. But I couldn't stop there... I had to take this outfit to the next level with my accessories. Starting on my face, I'm wearing my latest pick-up, Rayban Hexagonal sunglasses. These are the 48 size which is the smallest of the three sizes offered. I really wanted an all wired pair of sunglasses that would go with every outfit. Super happy I got these in the classic green/gold combination. Necklace is of course from Argento Vivo. I love my "K" gothic choker. And the statement accessories, my Louis Vuitton monogram belt. This is a perfect example of how to wear this belt. Let your luxury accessories be the center of attention always. My outfit is simple enough that it compliments my belt rather than clashing. I'm glad I invested in this piece.


capri BLUE Candles

Candles are the most inexpensive way to add a bit of luxury to your home. They serve a multi-functional purpose to make your home smell and look good. Like many, I discovered capri BLUE candles from Anthropologie. With a variety of great scents and beautiful packaging, it's easy to fall in love with this brand. They are most known for their 'Volcano' scent, which has scents of tropical fruit and sugared citrus. It's hard not to go for this scent every time, but they do have other great signature scents and beautiful packaging to choose from. There is a scent and decor aesthetic for everyone.

What I love most about capri BLUE Candles is that they help me relax at home. When I want to unwind from a long week and release my stress with yummy scents, I reach for my capri BLUE candles. Whether you like to start your day with an uplifting scent with their hand creams or unwind at night with a candle, capri BLUE has wonderful products to add a bit of luxury to your life you might be missing.

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