New in: Jordan Infrared 6's

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Copped these Jordan Infrared 6's from FlightClub.com. These are my first pair of Jordan's. It took me a while to decide on what pair to invest in. I considered the 3's, 4's, and 11's. Everyone else's favorites too I'm sure. But for some reason... this color way just caught my eye the most. I love the contrast between the hot pink and black. It also is really flattering on even if you are a girl. I've already worn these out multiple times and think I need to get a few more pairs. I repeat... I will not become a Jordan sneaker head. Let's pray together...

July Instagram

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Well excuses are just excuses. So why bother. I've been in n' out of inspiration and motivation lately. Trying to get back to being focused. I've realized that outings every night can get boring real quick. The same people. The same places. Reaching that been there done that mentality. I only care about important and relevant things these days. I continue to venture and wonder cause that's good. Experiences are good. I've experienced death and new life in the same month. Lets see where this takes me.


Summer Nights

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Outfit: AllSaints Tank, One Teaspoon Shorts, Rails Plaid Shirt, Timberland Boots photo IMG_7455_zpsz3ib5xbd.jpg  photo IMG_7320_zpsroqk8kxa.jpg
 photo IMG_7417_zpsduhjgbbz.jpg
Bought myself some Tim's and couldn't be more happier. Love them and glad I went with the black because they are more understated.


New in : Calvin Klein Underwear

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So... I finally found the bottoms I wanted. I had originally bought myself the bikini one's but thought these one's were cuter. I don't know if they live up to the hype but they sure do live up to the comfort. I'm going to experiment with these and see if there is a way to incorporate these into my outfits visually without becoming to ratchet looking. I always enjoy a challenge from time to time.
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May Instagram

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School is officially out and Summer is officially in... or partially since I'm taking Summer school classes.