Rihanna Fenty Beauty Makeup Review

YSL Concealer
DIOR Lip Gloss #465
DIOR Lip Glow

What can I say... anything Rihanna touches turns to $$$. It's nice to a see a woman such as herself, represent power in an elegant way. I had recently ran out of my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation and decided to try the Fenty Beauty Foundation after watching endless reviews. I picked up the shade 150 and this is the most accurate shade to my skin. 

Pros - Starting off with the positives, the foundation is super light weight and comfortable on the skin. Depending on your skin type this foundation might dry your skin out, but if you have oily skin like me, then this is perfect! The foundation oxidizes overtime, meaning it looks better with wear. The coverage is light to medium and very build able. The foundation is very long wearing. I had no problem going out at night and my face was not oily at all. The best part about this foundation is the color match. I know many people can speak on this that the shade range is wonderful.

Cons - Not too many negatives. First, the foundation might be a little tricky to apply in the beginning due to the consistency. The foundation is very liquidy and dries down fast. It's better to work in small sections of the face rather than the entire face at once. I applied with a beauty blender and had no issues with application of product. Another draw back is if you have big pores like me, it doesn't do the best job of covering those pores. This is due to the fact that Fenty Beauty wanted your skin to look natural. Not the biggest deal, just apply more primer in the areas you have bigger pores.

Final Thoughts - Overall, this foundation has lived up to the hype. For the amount of product you receive and with the price point being in line with other makeup competitors  Fenty Beauty is giving the beauty industry a run for its money. It's not everyday that I switch up my foundation, but if I see a brand establish themselves as well as Fenty, then I must entertain the thought of their products being great.

Watch my full Fenty Beauty Foundation Review below!


Displate Metal Prints | New Art For My Apartment

I've recently added a new art piece to my apartment from Displate.com. I'm still deciding on where is the best place to display this piece, but the great part about Displate is there is no mess left behind. Not only was it super quick and easy to install, but with a magnetic mounting, your walls are left without holes making it easy to move prints from space to space. Simply peel off the adhesive of the magnet and place on the wall where you would like to hang your print. (See video below for full details). I chose this specific print to add a pop of color and fun to my space. Displate.com has a wonderful selection of prints to match your own unique style for both men and women. Not only does Displate have high quality HD prints, but very affordable decor pieces to make your home personal to you!

Use code: 'CALI20' to get 20% off your order! 

*Also when you buy 1 Displate, you plant 10 trees.

Thank you to Displate for sponsoring this post.

Neon Streetwear

FOREVER21 Sweatshirt

Oversizsed sweatshirts and thigh high boots are one of my favorite looks to emerge in the past few years. Almost as if street met feminine. The only time I add an insane amount of color to my outfit, is when the rest of my outfit is all black. The contrast makes for the ultimate look. Believe it or not I found this sweatshirt at Forever21 in the sale section for $7. I couldn't pass up on it whether I was going to wear it out or at home. Of course the color was unique too and unlike anything I owned currently. I immediately thought of this look and for that reason I'm glad I picked it up. I finally got to wear my Stuart Weitzman thigh high boots. It's finally starting to get cold here in LA and I couldn't be more excited to wear these beautiful boots. I was able to purchase the Stuart Weitzman boots at an amazing deal (over 40% off)! These boots will be a longterm investment and staple in my wardrobe until I'm no longer able to walk in high heels. I feel my best in comfortable outfits like these. I've always been a tomboy at heart and love when I get to be one for the day but still keeping it edgy and fashion forward by combining my styles together.

This outfit was for a casual date night out with my boyfriend. We went to an amazing vegan restaurant in Venice called "Cafe Gratitude". I swear I love vegan food for how it taste and makes my body feel. I'm definitely forcing my boyfriend to try more vegan restaurants with me.


Mesh Bodysuit and Track Pants

WEARALL Bodysuit
VANS Sneakers

I've been trying to experiment with my looks lately. This outfit some how works by keeping it all black. Mesh bodysuits and track pants don't usually make for a perfect combination but somehow they do. In a way it's almost like edgy meets sporty. The bodysuit is from WearAll and Pants are from Adidas. Underneath I'm wearing a bralette from Urban Outfitters. Everyone needs a basic triangle bralette that you can wear with almost any outfit. To tie in the white stripes on my pants I wore my Vans sneakers. This outfit already has a lot going on so I went with a simple sneaker to complete the look rather than take away.

Be sure to check out my 'How to Style' Fall Outfits video below!


LA Heat

LULU'S Heels

It's still Summer so I'm stretching every last outfit out I can. Can we talk about this top by Kimchi Blue though? Obsessed. Not normally my style, but I like to switch it up from time to time. Anything off the shoulder and in this fiery red is totally worth buying. There is so much going on in this top from the ruffle details to the long flared sleeves that make this super cute. The contrast of this top against blues and colors such as white and black would make for an amazing outfit. I feel really girly in this top and want more of it. I tied in my Louis Vuitton belt with red detailing because I thought it would be fun. Blue always compliments red so I paired my Re/Done denim jeans with my top and blue heels from Lulus. I'm slowly transitioning into a Fall mindset. I feel like my style aesthetics change from season to season. I tend to go more edgy and model of duty in the Fall with leather and denim. But we'll see, maybe I'll change it up this time around.