Lost in the World

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Outfit: AllSaints Tank Top, Helmut Lang Wrap Skirt, Alice + Olivia Vest, ChloĆ© Susanna Boots photo photo2_zps8899986c.jpg  photo photo3_zps2270e4b8.jpg  photo photo4_zpsb45e4e88.jpg  photo photo5_zps3c21e600.jpg


November Inspiration

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Some much needed Cali inspiration. I'm thinking of keeping things simple the month of November. Trying not to over think things. I'm going to simplify my life. More natural makeup, minimal jewelry/clothes, spend more time doing things I enjoy and make me happy, and start looking to the future. Start thinking about what I want in life. Where I want to be after I graduate college. New York, Chicago, San Francisco sound really really nice. City life in general. Need a change, different perspective, different environment. A breath of fresh air is what I need.



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Outfit: IRO Leather Jacket, IRO T-shirt, TopShop Jeans, Balenciaga Bracelet, Sam Edelman Boots photo photo4_zps7e08c5be.jpg  photo photo5_zps1dbaab7d.jpg  photo photo7_zpsfb1cfd31.jpg  photo photo1_zps360cc912.jpg  photo photo8_zpsb764cc6e.jpg  photo photo3_zps6fbab60d.jpg



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It's that time of the year again when I need to stock up on my basics. I seem to always run out of these products around the same time... which hurts my wallet but cleanses my face. Too Faced primer has continued to hold up my makeup all day and night. I think you for that... seriously even when I am working out my makeup stays on. Moving on, I repurchased my trust Makeup Forever HD Foundation in N120. This stuff matches my skin tone perfectly... might be because I did that foundation match at Sephora.... Favorite skincare product the past few months is definitely Josie Maran Argan Oil. Amazing amazing stuff. I mostly use it to heal up my dry acne at night but this multipurpose beauty product can add moisture to dry hair and cuticles. It's the baking soda of skincare products. So now that it is Fall.. I definitely can perfect my winged eyeliner look and I think Kat Von D's Tattoo eyeliner will help me do just that. I have already tested it out and boy does it make a clean/fine line. I finally bought the NARS Duo in Orgasm/Laguna for $25! Such a steal. Can't wait to start using this as well. Lastly I sadly had to replace my Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb rollerball perfume because I somehow misplaced my other one. You live and you learn!
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October Instagram

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Instagram @styleincali

And another month down. Crazy how time can fly. My semester is almost over and I am really looking forward to all the holidays to come. October was definitely an exciting month. I am really happy about all the new people I have met and the experiences I have done. I continue to try to handle the heavy weight of stress and responsibilities. Some days I can do it, and others I can't. For the first time since I started college I have really started to enjoy myself. I've come to the realization that you are meant to do what you want now while you can. While you're young. On another note, I am really experimenting with my style. I picked up a pair of classic vans high tops. I have been really into the "sporty look". You know.... jerseys, mesh, stripes, leather, and chucks. I just bought myself an oversized vertical striped baseball tee (mens of course) and am obsessed with it. I just need to find a black leather baseball hat and I'm set. It's good to have phases, you learn what is working for you in that moment.