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Kylie Jenner in Suede

I could care less about Kylie... I think sometimes she does where interesting things so I thought I would share these photos. What do you guys think of a full suede dress and in this color? I think I would have preferred like a cool blue grey but I do think she pulls it off with a matching suede bag and all matching mustard brown colors.

Music Update

What a Time To Be Alive - Drake & Future
I think this album shocked a lot of people because it came out of no where. I knew something was in the works but didn't know when it would be put out. Drake and Future are definitely the artist of 2015. Both released their own albums which were bangers and now this which slaps harder than I know how to. Scholarship is definitely my favorite with plastic bags following behind just cause Drake can make anything sound good.

Rodeo - Travis Scott
I was able to go to his album release party and he's the type of artist when you see them live you love them even more. His energy, vibe, everything about him makes you want to be apart of his movement and what he has going on. Travis has so many good hits on this. Maria I'm Drunk, Pray 4 Love, Flying High are a few of my favorites besides his previous released singles 3500 and Antidote. I think Travis will only be getting bigger and with collaborations and influences from Kanye, La Flame is going down his own path.
Roy Wood$ - Exis
Roy Woo$ is an artist signed under Drake's label OVO. I discovered this artist earlier this year and definitely love the sound and vibe of this kid. Similar to Drake but has a very unique voice. Songs to look up on YouTube are "Get You good, I Got, and Talk To Me".

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September Instagram

 Besides starting school, my marketing internship, and continuation of work... I managed to have a decent but very stressful month. I've limited myself to going out once a week twice if it fits my schedule sleep wise. I checked out the Nasty Gal store opening on 3rd street which wasn't all that fazed by it. Tried to be like TopShop but failed and clothing selection was not great. They have better stuff on their website... In other news the best thing that happened this month was receiving my West Elm Velvet Tufted headboard I had custom made that took like 2 months to arrive... but I am so in love with it. Always this month has been pretty hectic and super hot but I am looking forward to the holidays... now that I actually realized they are around the corner.

What A Time To Be Alive

Last Friday I ended up going to a bar on Ventura Blvd. I have hardly gone to any bars since I turned 21. I feel like it's a thing you do much older after you're done with the whole clubbing and party scene but it was a nice change of scenery and environment. And let me to you.... the alcohol runs deep either way.