May Inspiration

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New in | TopShop + Brandy Melville

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I haven't gone clothes shopping in the longest time. So I decided why not. I visit TopShop like once every couple of months... I don't know why considering I live so close to it. But it's a good thing or I would probably walk out with something every time. I found a really cute shirt that has cutouts around the shoulders. I'm certainly into revealing skin in all the right places. And of course I had to pick up a pair of jeans. TopShop certainly has a great selection of jeans at a really nice price and fit. I think I'm on my third or fourth pair. I always get the "Jamie" fit that seems to hug my waist really well. I got them in this creamy white color for the start of Summer and end of Spring. I love that white on white look. Looks real clean. Moving on to Brandy Melville. This store is always a hit or miss with me. Some days I find a lot of things I like other days I don't. But you can always count on this store to have some great basics. Once in a while I do love to splurge on basic tees. But it's also nice to get a couple throw arounds. I found this white tee with a subtle detailing of hole cutouts. Give it a few months of wear and tear and this t-shirt will look pretty awesome. Lastly I love Brandy Melville's tank tops. Very simple but sexy and this color is in a vampy red which makes me feel real special.


Simons Home Decor

 I have been in the mood to re-decorate my room to make it more Spring and Summer friendly. I have hand-picked my personal favorites from Simons. I love this online home decor store because they appeal to my rustic and eclectic taste. Sometimes all you need are a few decorative and accent pieces to really change the space.
Here are a few items:
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Of course you can never go wrong with a plush floor rug from Simons. There are so many ways you can decorate your space with this. A multi-purpose piece that can be used indoors or outdoors. photo A1_1_zps67kbwgl1.jpg
I normally gravitate towards sheer white curtains but these ones caught my eye. I love neutral colors but will a cool graphic such as this one I definitely could see myself using these. photo A1_1-3_zpse2iqho3h.jpg
I really like the look of this rustic candle holder. I thought it was a pretty creative idea and it adds a bit of texture and color which I like. photo A1_1-1_zpsenfwhr9d.jpg 
Lastly, a clean crisp white duvet comforter cover is the best way to open up and brighten a room.

Roof Hoppin'

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Outfit: Zara Plaid Shirt, Hardtail Dress, Classic Vans Hightops, Givenchy Pandora Bag
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Photo Diary | Coachella 15'

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This adventure was actually an adventure. I mean this trip was so last minute which only added to the craziness. My friends and I decided to go to Coachella without tickets.... two days before the second week of Coachella. We just decided to wing it and go. I had never been to Coachella before so I couldn't turn down a good time. The first day we ended up at a house party across the street from Coachella which was seriously torture cause I mean we were right there! But I was more worried where we were gonna sleep since our plan to camp fell apart. But my friends always come through cause  they have major connections. But we ended up staying in a house with a bunch of friendly people. Nothing but good vibes. Some other good moments from my first Coachella was an after party my friends and I went to that ended up having a ton of music artist I low key respect.... party on a bus was so random but fun, and getting into Coachella on the last day just in time to see Drake. This weekend some how was on our side because everything went the way we wanted it to. Makes me want to be more spontaneous more often.