Chanel Boy Bag Unboxing

When dreams become reality... Finally revealing my Chanel Small Boy in black lambskin and ruthenium hardware. This is by far the best combination for this bag. After years of this bag on my "dream wishlist" of bags I'd never thought I would own, here I am! Never did I imagine I would own this stunning bag so early on in my life. I worked extremely hard for this bag and it symbolizes how hard I've worked this past year.

More about the bag... I originally wanted the black caviar leather, but after finding out it was last season, I quickly converted to black lambskin. However, I have to admit, I'm happier I went with the lambskin. Although the caviar might be more durable, the lambskin definitely looks better in my opinion. I did not like the look of the caviar on the boy bag, I like it way more on the flap bags. I went for the size small, not just because of price, but also because this bag looks way cuter in the small size. Besides I don't care much just anyways. With this being one of the hardest combinations to get, I am so grateful.

I can't wait to wear this bag out and share with you guys how I style this bag. This bag will never leave my collection. Be sure to watch my full unboxing video below or HERE.
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