Neon Streetwear

FOREVER21 Sweatshirt

Oversizsed sweatshirts and thigh high boots are one of my favorite looks to emerge in the past few years. Almost as if street met feminine. The only time I add an insane amount of color to my outfit, is when the rest of my outfit is all black. The contrast makes for the ultimate look. Believe it or not I found this sweatshirt at Forever21 in the sale section for $7. I couldn't pass up on it whether I was going to wear it out or at home. Of course the color was unique too and unlike anything I owned currently. I immediately thought of this look and for that reason I'm glad I picked it up. I finally got to wear my Stuart Weitzman thigh high boots. It's finally starting to get cold here in LA and I couldn't be more excited to wear these beautiful boots. I was able to purchase the Stuart Weitzman boots at an amazing deal (over 40% off)! These boots will be a longterm investment and staple in my wardrobe until I'm no longer able to walk in high heels. I feel my best in comfortable outfits like these. I've always been a tomboy at heart and love when I get to be one for the day but still keeping it edgy and fashion forward by combining my styles together.

This outfit was for a casual date night out with my boyfriend. We went to an amazing vegan restaurant in Venice called "Cafe Gratitude". I swear I love vegan food for how it taste and makes my body feel. I'm definitely forcing my boyfriend to try more vegan restaurants with me.


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