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What can I say... anything Rihanna touches turns to $$$. It's nice to a see a woman such as herself, represent power in an elegant way. I had recently ran out of my Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation and decided to try the Fenty Beauty Foundation after watching endless reviews. I picked up the shade 150 and this is the most accurate shade to my skin. 

Pros - Starting off with the positives, the foundation is super light weight and comfortable on the skin. Depending on your skin type this foundation might dry your skin out, but if you have oily skin like me, then this is perfect! The foundation oxidizes overtime, meaning it looks better with wear. The coverage is light to medium and very build able. The foundation is very long wearing. I had no problem going out at night and my face was not oily at all. The best part about this foundation is the color match. I know many people can speak on this that the shade range is wonderful.

Cons - Not too many negatives. First, the foundation might be a little tricky to apply in the beginning due to the consistency. The foundation is very liquidy and dries down fast. It's better to work in small sections of the face rather than the entire face at once. I applied with a beauty blender and had no issues with application of product. Another draw back is if you have big pores like me, it doesn't do the best job of covering those pores. This is due to the fact that Fenty Beauty wanted your skin to look natural. Not the biggest deal, just apply more primer in the areas you have bigger pores.

Final Thoughts - Overall, this foundation has lived up to the hype. For the amount of product you receive and with the price point being in line with other makeup competitors  Fenty Beauty is giving the beauty industry a run for its money. It's not everyday that I switch up my foundation, but if I see a brand establish themselves as well as Fenty, then I must entertain the thought of their products being great.

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