Boujee Night Out in Downtown LA

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My boyfriend and I went to Downtown LA to visit The Broad museum and have a nice dinner at The Perch. Downtown is one of my favorite places to go to get away from LA. It really does give me New York vibes, but without the obnoxious egos you can find in NYC. A little more my pace is all I'm trying to say. I can't remember the last time I went to a modern art museum. Way more photogenic than old art in my opinion (especially for Instagram). We didn't go to the "Infinity Mirrored" exhibit. I wasn't waiting in line for an hour for a 30 second experience and to walk away with one picture. Not about that overhyped life. My boyfriend and I walked as far as we could to the exhibit and saw it from a distance, that was enough for me. I had more fun looking at the art upstairs. Artists work from Jeff Koons to Basquiat and Keith Haring were far more interesting to look at. I've always admired and loved them. After that, we headed over to The Perch Rooftop Restaurant and Bar. My boyfriend picked out this place and let me tell you... he always finds the best places to spoil me. This restaurant was so my taste in terms of aesthetics and vibe. A little boujee, but nothing too fancy. We sat at the cutest two seater table outside with the view of surrounding skyscrapers all around us. It was a magical experience, one you don't experience that often. The food was French and super delicious. Highly recommend "The Perch" in Downtown LA if you ever need a place to hang out and grab a drink or food.

You can watch my full Vlog down below!


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