ZARA Shorts

I spent Memorial Day weekend in Malibu. I had some time to reflect on the past and present. Life is ever changing and very unpredictable. So yes, the good only last as long as the bad. I'm looking for more to life than what I've been living. I'm tired of choosing to live my life as were expected to. I want to do things my way this time and go with my gut. I wasn't meant to be someone's puppet. I have far too much going for me to settle for exploitation. I don't want to hold back anymore. I have this momentum that I hope will continue to carry me to something better. I deserve that...

My outfit was actually perfect for this day. I went to El Matador Beach in Malibu in the late afternoon when the wind started to pick up. This sweater by Aran Sweaters Direct kept me warm and cozy. It's a beautiful turtleneck sweater from Ireland. The beach was extremely packed on Memorial Day and I don't normally do "crowds", but there was something special about being around good energy that gave me what I needed. A sense of belonging.

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