Saint Laurent Envelope Wallet On Chain

CÉLINE Sunglasses

I am so happy the weather has been decent lately in LA. I've been looking forward to the coming months where I get to wear light weight outfits such as simple tee shirt dresses like this one. I have gotten so much use out of this Fashion Nova army dress. It was only $15! It's so funny how I used to get turned off by the price of something cheap. But, nowadays I feel there are so many fashion brands offering reasonable prices with good quality. Not to say you are getting a luxury item, but you are definitely not buying something that will fall apart in a few washes. I paired my Céline sunglasses with this outfit because I thought the print of these shades went well with my dress. These are the 'Tailor' sunglasses if anyone is wondering. I wore my Public Desire sandals to keep the look casual. You guys know all my outfits are casual, but cute. I don't have time to wear some overcomplicated outfit just for my gram or blog... let's be real here. My style is real and not put on for show. So yeah these sandals were perfect to wear with this outfit. It's nice to have my feet finally breathe if you know what I mean.


OH and YEAH... let's talk about my new bag. I thought I would do a separate post on it but I'm not that extra... So let's talk about it now. I purchased this Saint Laurent WOC bag with gold hardware and black calfskin leather for my birthday. Originally I thought I wanted the larger size, but this is the perfect size! The only difference is you get an extra side of card slots, but the whole point of buying this bag was for nights out or days when I don't want to carry much. We're talking minimal days with just a few cards in my Gucci card holder, a phone, lipgloss and keys. That is what I carry on most days anyways. So get used to seeing this bag from now on because now that Summer is approaching, I will feel less entitled to carry a lot with me. For the moment, I am very much loyal to Saint Laurent. They have never disappointed me and probably never will. Here is to many years with my new bag! Cheers!
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