Rodeo Drive

6:30:00 PM


I only ever visit Rodeo Drive once or twice a year when I plan on making a big purchase. Usually for my birthday I always spoil myself and this year I wanted a bag. Before I get to that... let's talk about my outfit. I kept it casual, but still stylish as always. I picked up this vintage Pink Floyd tee off Melrose a few weeks back and I'm obsessed! I don't have any rocker tee's like this. And yes I grew up listening to my Dad's Pink Floyd records so I thought this was appropriate. I finally wore my new Re/Done denim jeans. Yes I actually caved into buying these. Unfortunately, I looked far and wide for the perfect vintage Levi 501's and could not find a brand that makes them fit quite like Re/Done does. I love these and I don't regret buying them. These are the 'IT' jeans every fashionista needs! They will literally make any outfit. And to top it off... of course my Chloé susanna boots. I'm glad I've been wearing these more lately. They are hard to style in my opinion because I usually go for a simplistic look, but lately I've been on this 'dgas' vibe. I've also been layering my Argento Vivo jewelry a lot lately. They have been my favorite brand for affordable jewelry. I'm wearing both their slip on and gothic choker.

Now back to what you care about... my new bag reveal. I'm going to reveal what bag I got in my next post, but just know I wanted a small cross body bag that I could use mostly for at night when I don't plan on carrying a lot or to run errands. I cannot be happier with my purchase! It's always so gratifying when you save up for something on your own. I am going to enjoy this bag for years to come. Stay tuned for my unveil of my new Saint Laurent bag. xoxo.

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