ARGENTO VIVO Hoop Earrings
ROSEGAL Slip Dress

Lately I've been getting outside my comfort zone. Sometimes the best outfits come from the ones you least expected. This was my Easter Day outfit. Yeah I make holidays fun. When else are you going to have an excuse to wear a cool outfit. You guys know by now slip dresses are my 'thing'. But hey... it's not pink. This satin slip dress from Rosegal is very comfortable. I find dresses just easy to dress and VERY breathable. I styled a simple crew neck tee underneath from Topshop to achieve that layered effect. But, what makes this look edgy is these Beast Fashion LA boots! These boots are very flattering on and you can practically wear them with anything. I'm seeing these in my future for Fall most definitely.


For accessories... I kept my jewelry simple by focusing on solely my face. I wore these Argento Vivo gothic hoops. These are so fun and edgy. They are great earrings to layer with other ear jewelry. I also tied in my Vanessa Mooney choker in with my Beast Fashion LA boots to keep the look consistent all the way down. Lastly, I styled my Saint Laurent WOC with this outfit. The gold chain tied in perfectly with my earrings and the black leather tied in with my boots. Are you guys sick of seeing this bag yet?... Naaaa....

This shoot was really fun to do also. When you don't have the best location to work with, it's all about angles my friend!
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