City of Angels

TOPSHOP Bomber Jacket
ZARA Faux Leather Pants
AIR JORDAN 'Banned' Retro Ones

I found myself back in familiar territory this past weekend when I stopped in LA for dinner with the family. I almost feel like I've lived more than one life when I visit my past surroundings. It reminds me of what I want in my life. My style lately has been a bit bipolar. I'm always down for a girly dress with heels, but then again a laid back outfit with sneakers sounds just as nice. I've gotten so much out of this Topshop bomber jacket this past year. It's one of the few pieces I own that is color. Army green really does compliment a lot of neutral colors. I wore an oversized Brandy Melville T-shirt to get my hype-beast vibe on. This shirt is extremely comfortable and gives you the tomboy look instantly. Underneath I am wearing my ZARA faux leather pants. I remember last year when leather pants were all the rave. Yeah I wasn't dropping $1k on pants, so these faux leather pants will do. I love how well they compliment my new Air Jordan One 'Banned' sneakers. I put off buying these for the past few months and then finally got around to buying them. These are my third pair of Air Jordan retro sneakers... and funny enough, they are all red / black colorway. I love the contrast of the red and black. They compliment so well together! This is one of my go to outfits for days I want to be casual, but still dressed up.


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