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Who actually goes to the dentist these days to get their teeth whitened? In today's world, it's all about convince and for me that means do it yourself at home. I've tried home teeth whitening kits at home before, but they often don't meet my expectations. I want dentist white teeth results, but an at home results. Thankfully there is Smile Brilliant! This is the first teeth whitening kit that really does give you the results you want. If you are an avid coffee or tea drinker than just know this teeth whitener gets rid of coffee stained teeth. Here are some testimonials if you need more convincing.

The process: Let's talk about the results and how I got there. Here is everything you need to know before you buy. The process was very simple to do. You start with receiving your teeth whitening kit in the mail. Then you create teeth whitening trays with the materials provided. This is super easy to do, don't worry! Here is the benefits of custom-fitted trays and why this achieves the best results possible. Once you've mailed back your trays with the envelope provided, you will wait three days to receive your teeth trays. Then the fun part begins... actually whitening your teeth! Now don't worry if you have sensitive teeth, Smile Brilliant offers teeth sensitivity gel that you can use after you whitening you teeth. I have used this teeth whitening kit for three weeks now and I can guarantee you will notice results after the second use. Not only is it way more affordable and convenient than visiting your dentist, but pain free! You don't have aching teeth two days after you have whitening your teeth. I couldn't be happier with the results. Be sure to enter my giveaway down below!



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Learn more here: At Home Teeth Whitening Kit

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