Gucci GG Marmont Card Holder

I wanted to share some of my February favorites! And yes I've been slightly obsessed with pink these days. Read the rest below!

Gucci GG Marmont Card Holder | I received this as a gift for Valentine's Day. I've never been one to get the purpose of a card holder until now. I've recently been simplifying my life and the de-cluttering my material possessions. I don't care much with me these days, so a card holder is perfect for nights when I go out and don't want to bring more than my I.D. and credit card. The color is the main reason I feel in love with this card holder. Because all my bags are black, I wanted to add some color with my accessories. With so many designers offering card holders, it can be overwhelming to pick one. I have been a fan of the Gucci Marmont collection and with the majority of the the collection being sold out, it was nice to be able to receive this.


Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick - Requiem | This was a color I had my eye on for sometime and knew the next time I was in Sephora I would pick it up. It is slightly outside my comfort zone, but still has enough color to not make me look dead. I can not pull off a nude for the life of me. This is a very pretty mauve purple / pink shade. Also, you can't go wrong with Kat Von D's liquid lipstick formula.

Boscia Balancing Facial Tonic | I've never been a fan of toners until now... Usually I say what the heck and pass this step in my skincare routine, but now I'm finding out I messed up big time. This Boscia toner has done wonders for my skin. This toner is ideal for any one with combination skin. "It helps banish impurities and excess sebum while guarding against dehydration." The three main things this toner does is; even out my skin tone, shrink my pores, and soak up any excess oil. I have seen mass improvements when it comes to my acne prone skin. Highly recommend.

Too Face Lip Injection Glossy - Peach | I received this in my February Sephora Play! Box and already want to buy the full size. I do not have the most luscious or plump lips. My lips are rather small and unnoticeable. But, they do fit my face and would never look to injections for a quick fix. Trying this product out was enough to show me how my lips would look much fuller. This is a product I've been using when I just go for a glossy full lip. This stuff does actually work. Not a gimmick. You will feel a tingly sensation for the first ten minutes after application. I think I've found my new jam when I want to look extra plump.

Argento Vivo Gothic Choker Necklace | This has been my most worn necklace then past few weeks. I can't get enough. It is such a great layering piece. And if you're a sucker for gothic fonts, this is a must have. You can't beat the affordability either. I've seen higher end brands ask outrageous prices for their gothic letter jewelry. This would also be a really nice gift for a girlfriend or best friend.

Argento Vivo Heart Hoop Earrings | Another jewelry favorite are these heart hoop earrings. I've only recently started wearing hoops, but I thought these were too cute. They are also not too oversized. (cause I can't pull that off...) These earrings really dress up any outfit day or night.

Topshop Pink Candy Fur iPhone Case by Skinnydip | My last favorite is my new iPhone case. I literally laughed out loud when I was waiting in Topshop one day. I saw it was one of the last two they had and knew this was a one time deal. You know when you see something and you just know it's gonna be gone if you don't get it now. Well... no regrets. This is a conversation starter. Talk about matching your accessories to your outfit. P.S. This is currently out of stock, but hopefully Topshop will restock for those who are interested!
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