Custom Hair Ties from Elastic Band Co.

1:16:00 PM

With the lifestyle I live, hair ties are an essential part to my well-being. I'm always wearing a hair tie on my wrist because you never know when you're going to need one. With hair ties playing a key role in my life, there are a few factors I look for in the perfect hair tie. First, is comfort. If I'm going to be wearing a hair tie all day on my wrist or in my hair, it needs to be comfortable. If it's too tight, it can cause unnecessary irritation or cut of my circulation. Elastic Band Co.'s hair ties do not have rubber bands in their hair ties making them very comfortable. Second, is the color. I used to go for the plain black hair tie, but now a days that's boring. Hair ties should be colorful enough to express your personality and even match your outfit. With that being said, Elastic Band Co. makes the perfect hair ties! Not only do they have everything I want in a hair tie, but they are also customizable to your liking. I got my brand 'StyleinCali' imprinted on my hair ties. How cool is that!? You can add text or an image to your hair ties making it your very own unique hair tie. Customizable hair ties are perfect for sports teams, clubs, charities, and even birthday parties. I chose my favorite colors, purple and pink for my custom hair ties. Again, I love how cute these look on your wrist and in your hair. Be sure to check out Elastic Band Co. for fun customizable hair ties!

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