Too Rad To Be Sad

ANGL Skirt

The second outfit of my three look fishnet series is here. This outfit makes me feel like a total 90's babe. I'd like to think of this outfit as a soft grunge look. Of course, this entire outfit was styled around fishnets, so I added elements I thought would compliment. I am in love with this Too Rad To Be Sad Missy Empire t-shirt. I don't own many t-shirts with text, especially ones that are clever and witty. This shirt is definitely a way to throw your personality into the outfit. To maintain the grunge vibe I was going for, I wore my ANGL leather skirt with zipper details. I love the style of this mini skirt. It's extremely cute when you unzip it slightly. I wore my Public Desire suede perspex boots. I can't believe how much I've been wearing these lately. They go with all my outfits so well. Lastly, let's talk about my new Missy Empire faux fur pink bag. How cute is this bag!?! I recently got an iPhone case that matches this purse so well. I don't always want to carry an expensive designer bag that I need to babysit constantly. I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of this little number. This outfit is for those who want to relive that grunge era, but still be playful in how you wear it.


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