Supreme X Louis Vuitton Collaboration

10:30:00 AM

I know this post is long overdue, but I still had to make it. I don't usually post fashion collaborations, but this is an exception. And it's not because I'm with the hype everyone else is bringing. Most often, collaborations are a hit or miss for me. Usually one brand gets lost in the other. It's hard for me to like this collaboration when you look at it from a distance. We're talking two fashion brands that are known for their branding. The Louis Vuitton monogram and Supreme logo are very well known throughout the fashion community. So here's why I could care less about this collaboration. From a distance, you are looking at something Louis Vuitton already does, but now in red... I see nothing more than Louis Vuitton silhouettes with a Supreme logo slapped on it. These two fashion houses separately have some of the best aesthetics out there. So where did it all go? I was hoping for the two brands to take their best qualities and create something special. But this all was too expected to be honest. I could have predicted this. I'm not going to take away from the craftsmanship and quality that goes into these pieces, but that's all this collab has going for itself. The worst part is that this collab is most likely sold out already to rich people having to prove they have more money than their rich friends (a.k.a the rich people waitlist) that we're never getting on. So with that being said... Don't sweat it,observe and take it all in. But, like most overhyped collabs, this will be forgotten in a few months.

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