Retro Sport

ROMWE Pullover Sweatshirt
HYPE Joggers
AMAZON Fishnets
NIKE Sneakers

One of my hardest outfits. I stretched outside my comfort zone for this one. I have to admit, it turned out pretty sick. I loved experimenting with this look by mixing both sporty and grunge styles. Let me just mention my hair real quick. Yes, I was feeling extra today. This outfit is such a throw back to the 90's, where Nike air force one's were front and center in pop culture. Sports attire in general was the norm with pullover hoodies and joggers to complete the look. I styled this entire look around this Romwe "Babe" pullover sweatshirt. I always love a simple graphic sweatshirt that has a whole lot of impact. I matched my graphic pullover with my graphic socks to keep the look cohesive. I layered my joggers with fishnets, which was a first for me. Again, two completely different style that somehow go together. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are now a look you can pull off. You just have to go extra with the rest of your outfit. I hope this brought back some nostalgic memories from your childhood, I know it did for me. I love that tomboy styles are coming back these days.


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