Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Wallet

Here it is. My next bag investment. Isn't she a beauty? Seriously though. Every year I'm always thinking about what bag to invest in next. And it's not the same repetitive bag I already own. I'm always looking for ways to diversify my handbag collection. 

I usually start off with an idea of a bag that will fix the need of a certain problem I have. It wasn't till I started going out at night more, that I realized I didn't have a small cross body handsfree type of bag. A bag compact enough to carry my essentials, but worry free with the tight enclosure and lightweight mobility. I am indeed a fan of Saint Laurent... you could say that again (you loyal). Damn right I am. Saint Laurent fits my aesthetics the best. Easily one of my top five designer brands. Their bags tend to be more on the minimal side, but edgy enough to say "don't mess with me". The kind of vibes any girl wants to protrude.


Again back to my point... I wanted a bag small enough, yet functional enough to wear when I go out to say... a club, a movie, or on a date. You get me? Hence a wallet on a chain (WOC). There are several brands out there that offer their version of a wallet on chain, but Saint Laurent spoke to me first of course. I initially thought I wanted the Tassel bag by Saint Laurent. Yet, the more I thought about it, the more I realized a WOC is what I really need in my life. Naturally, I've gravitated towards the black leather with gold hardware. However, this bag comes in other combinations I like as well such as the black leather with silver hardware and black leather with matte black hardware. Decisions decisions. Well next was the size. This bag comes in two sizes; a small and medium. The dimensions of these bags aren't too far off from one another. Yet, it's the inside that is the deciding factor for me. The smaller size offers one inside zip pocket and one opening for card slots. The medium size offers two compartments with several card slots on either side and a center zipper compartment for change. For some this is an easy decision. For me... well I don't carry much in my bag these days and I am still in the process of collecting an excessive amount of cards it seems so many people seem to have. But, considering my height, I'm 99% sure I'm going with the medium size (don't quote me on that). So there you have it... how I landed on this bag. I was considering the velvet GG Gucci marmont bag, but I feel I will get tired of it real quick. This Saint Laurent Chain Wallet is destined to remain a classic and I can definitely see myself wearing it as I grow older.  
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