Kaprielle 24K Gold Mask Review

 photo IMG_2691_zpsqjjikm7x.jpg I finally was able to do a review on the Kaprielle 24K Gold Mask. So here's what you do.


  • Apply Roses & Gold face serum all over face using circular motions to rub in the oil
  • Once skin is set, carefully remove the individual gold sheets from the package
  • Apply gold sheets to face one by one using the paper packaging to apply (do not use finger tips)
  • Once face is covered to your desired amount, wait 30 minutes for the firming, tightening, and pore size reduction to take place
  • After 30 minutes, remove gold sheets by applying more of the Roses & Gold face serum (the gold should desolve into the face)
  • Wipe off any excess gold with a clean towel
  • And wa-la... your face will become noticeably brighter, firmer, and have the appearance of smaller pores
This is a no bull-s**t kind of review. I hardly do reviews on products like these because they appear to be gimmicky. Of course with anything you do, you won't see 100% results the first time, but you will see something and that's enough to get me to continue using this product. The price tag is a little steep, but compared to the normal price of gold facial masks ($600-$1000), I think $95 is a fair price. I love supporting smaller brands that are also vegan and cruelty free. Currently this mask is only sold at  Kaprielle.com so be sure to check them out and show some love.

Below I have a full video and review on this product, so go check it out!
 photo IMG_2764_zpstm4w1ork.jpg
 photo IMG_2689_zps1m8uemfv.jpg
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