The Fig Plant

 photo 26122d6488aff740941ddb6c5b44d53f_zpszzpjtvqo.jpg
You guys are probably laughing at me as you read this... Really Katie? You're writing about a fig plant. Well yes. Yes I am. As my taste matures, I've realized how much of a difference plants can make to your interior space. I am really not much of a color person. I usually stick to a minimum of a few colors for an entire room. So, it's nice to add color with plants to brighten up a room. I am still picky when it comes to house plants but for some reason I've gravitated towards this particular one. Partly do to the shade of green this plant has. It keeps things fresh and bright. The fiddle fig leaf plant is also pretty is to maintain and take care of. It needs lots of sunlight but not direct. This is definitely on my wishlist of things I need to buy ASAP for my living room.

 photo 95b5464c08545b5474104f9d68836440_zpsf78btuxp.jpg  photo 35a319499f5a6c89391cbcada066f345_zpsnkz5tmu5.jpg
 photo e14da41ba8cb9ef1675426c9dc5bcd38_zpsu0muy1q2.jpg  photo 604afc470b85007f0f4430763a431eef_zpsa0hyd7aw.jpg  photo c8ef48b6b66b4ccfeb80ca27ff70c8c5_zpsdfhear0d.jpg  photo 560294bd89a0444b7d94522303029e99_zpst2rr2dsv.jpg  photo a1eab352becc79ce3fc8828dcd5b4713_zpsaurvza7m.jpg
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