January Wishlist

This months wishlist is a serious heaven. My wants have been piling up and it's now time to focus in on what I could really use in my wardrobe. We're talking... differentiating trends from investments here.

1. Gucci Marmont Velvet Mini Bag | This is one of the only bags that caught my attention this past year. I absolutely love that it is in velvet. I'm on this 'small bag' trend and I don't think I'm going back. It's hard to see myself carrying some oversized Celine luggage tote now. I'm someone who carries very minimal stuff in my bag so I can get away with small compact bags. This bag definitely speaks for itself. The hardware has a fresh take on the vintage look we've all been loving.

2. Gucci Card Holder | I used to not get the point of cardholders, but I see how they have a purpose in my life now. I've acquired an excess amount of cards that need holding. But now I look at a cardholder as functional for nights when you only carry a few cards with you. This card holder has four card slots and a center card slot for multiple cards. I'm obsessed with this baby blush pink color. I tend to go for color when it comes to luxury accessories.

3. Elizabeth & James Nirvana Rose Perfume | I've been a fan of the other perfumes they offer, but was never wowed. This perfume however, is very sophisticated with the majority of the scent coming from roses. I love perfumes that are sweet. This perfume has mixed reviews with some describing it as "grandma-ish", which I disagree. I think the scent wears different on some people.

4. Valentino Rockstud Pumps | These shoes have been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I knew it wasn't the right time to buy them. My birthday is coming up in two months and I'm slowly starting to think about what I would like to invest in. I've realized I don't own any designer heels and I think now is the perfect time to invest in a pair. I know these shoes can seem trendy to most, but if you let these shoes be the main focal point of an outfit, it can be done really nicely. I've been gravitating towards the nude patent leather ones. I think I will get a lot of use out of them. They look great with dresses as well as ripped denim jeans.

5. Bape Camo Full Zip Hoodie | Some of you may be surprised I'm actually wanting a Bape sweatshirt... But I've liked Baped since middle school (I swear). I'm not one for camouflage, but when it's presented in purple I can't resist. I have always loved Bape's aesthetics. They seem to do what they want and a lot of American designers try to follow. I feel this sweatshirt wouldn't make me be afraid to mix color. I could wear this sweatshirt with some blue Jordan's and still look cool. I don't have much color in my wardrobe so this is a definite must.

6. Jordan Ones 'Royal Blues' | I think the Jordan ones are one of the best shoes ever designed. Not only is it iconic for the Michael Jordan era, but it also has set the precedent for sneakers today. One thing Nike does well, is design shoes that can come in endless colorways. I have always been drawn to this specific colorway because it's one you don't see often. It's very unusual to see a blue sneaker look this good. These Jordan's are soon to be released in April/March of 2017.

7. Gucci Print T-Shirt | You've probably seen every fashion blogger wearing this. We are definitely in the "vintage" trend right now. So many people are going for the old school retro vibes these days. It's funny how old becomes new again. I'm not one to like shirts that just have the logo on the front, but this shirt is different. I'm not saying a $500 t-shirt is acceptable, but I do like where Gucci is going with their aesthetics. A lot of brands can learn from what Gucci is doing at the moment. Less is more mindset.

8. Re/Done Denim | I have a love/hate relationship with Re/Done. I have searched near and far for the perfect pair of vintage light wash denim jeans. And the problem is always the fit. Other brands only carry the boyfriend 501's and I'm looking for high waisted slim fit jeans. I can't justify spending almost $300 on a pair of f'in jeans. Yeah I pissed off that the one brand I find that does it right has to cost so much. I might just have to bite the bullet and get a pair because it's exactly what I want. I especially hate brands that take advantage of a situation such as this. We all know their margins are huge. We're talking recycled denim being resized and then rebranded to charged a few $$$. If the craftsmanship of the item is worth it such as it being handmade, then you can justify it. But seriously Re/Done... I'll take a raincheck for now and I'll get back to you all with my decision.
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