Daniel Wellington Watch

Daniel Wellington | Classic Canterbury 40mm

I feel like there aren't many classic watch brands these days that are affordable. Daniel Wellington has always caught my eye for delivering the minimal style we all love. I haven't been a watch wearer for the past few years. I went through a faze of the oversized look with Michael Kors watches. However, lately I've been wearing no watch at all. That is... until Daniel Wellington reached out to me for a collaboration. They offer a wide variety of simplistic watches that can be worn everyday. If you have minimal style, Daniel Wellington is definitely for you. But don't mistake me when I say they are not boring watches at all. They have the kind of style that comes effortlessly. I chose the Classic Canterbury watch, which comes in a NATO strap. If you're not a fan of leather straps, NATO straps are a great alternative for those who are adventurous. The straps are really lightweight and more durable than leather straps. I really love this red, white and blue color combination, it gives off a nautical vibe. The rose gold case compliments the strap great. I am looking forward to wearing this watch in the Spring/Summer time. This watch is a nice way to add color to my outfits.


If you are interested in Daniel Wellington's watches, I encourage you to check out their website HERE. If you happened to find a watch you love, be sure to use my code "STYLEINCALI" for 15% off your watch.
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