New Year Inspiration

 photo tumblr_obubfvkpqf1s40afwo1_500_zpsrss9z0xa.jpg 2016. What a year, what a year (Big Sean voice). I'm pretty sure we can all agree on trying to forget this year. I'm mean, there has been some good moments, but mostly bad. We're always more interested in the bad. I think this year was the year of self growth for me. I graduated college, I'm living on my own, I have a full time job... 2017 will definitely be the year that will lead to everything falling into place. All the patience and hard work will pay off. 2016 was the year of repeat mistakes but I'm tired of that now. Things are finally in perspective and I know what's worth fighting for. I've let go of the people who weren't in my life for the right reasons and it feels refreshing. Like... I was putting up with that for how long? It almost feels weird when things are this easy. When your with the one you love and it's not forced. I felt like 2016 I was forcing everything... Who I was, what I did, and the people I associated myself with. Now more than ever, I'm focused on myself and being selfish with my happiness. I feel like a lot of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I don't know what it is... but I'm more fearless. To 2017...

 photo tumblr_nt1ukp6kab1sw22gjo2_540_zps5ttvufej.jpg  photo tumblr_nlote6UkUE1unwfw8o1_500_zps2tesmake.png  photo tumblr_ohmnzcw2lD1rsuch2o1_500_zpsswtc5fal.png  photo tumblr_njrzphByux1r1hjqso1_500_zpsd9hhyyax.jpg  photo tumblr_oiik9jVmle1vudt3no1_500_zpskcu8kxi1.jpg
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