How to Build The Perfect Bedroom

 As you guys know, it's been about three months since I moved into my new apartment. The decorating is slowly coming along, but I haven't touched my bedroom. I am still deciding on the look I am going for. I've started to shop around online to see what's out there. Eventually I landed on and let me tell you... the selection is great! I have decided to go for a more elegant gothic look. I found great pieces at that met my personal style. Below I've put together a few bedroom essentials.


1. Luxury Candles | The best way to make your bedroom inviting is with a luxury candle. I am a strong believer in a candle that will last and make your home smell pleasant. Jo Malone and Diptyque are my favorite candles.

2. Throw Blanket | If you want to add texture to your bedding, add a furry blanket. This will make your room feel more cozy.

3. Chandelier | I have wanted a mini chandelier in my bedroom for the longest time. I think they are extremely elegant and add a victorian feel to your bedroom.

4. Nail Headboard | Nail headboards are a great way to create a medieval look with simple nail details on a suede headboard. I am especially a fan of grey beds.

5. Velvet Pillows | You can always add more texture with velvet. Velvet is the perfect textile to add a luxurious feel. Velvet works great with suede.

6. Vanity Mirror | Adding a mirror will not only make the room feel bigger, but add dimension to the walls. I also wanted to tie in the night stands.

7. Mirrored Night Stands | I have always loved the look of mirrored furniture. Nightstands are the perfect piece to bring in the mirror look because they won't overpower the room.
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