Gucci Double G Belt

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I've never been a huge designer belt fanatic, but then I saw this belt. I've always been one to be drawn to classics. I really like how understated this belt is but has enough style to make a statement. The Gucci Double G belt comes in three different sizes. However, I am drawn to the smallest of the three. I absolutely love the small one with high waisted denim! I think most people can appreciate this belt. In other news... I went to try on this belt at my local Gucci store and naturally they never have it in my size! So I kind of lost hope and then one day... I just happened to browse the Gucci website and saw they restocked this belt. With that being said, I had to grab it before it was gone. The belt is backordered till early December but I'm keeping my fingers crossed my order doesn't get canceled. I have been lusting over this belt and all the ways I would style it. It would go so well with my outfits.


 photo 627c40bd15ee5973fe74f8a6aba2d1c7_zpskzltx3jk.jpg  photo 9600ad277ce9ca82916be0f9e3d99517_zpsrjluyhqd.jpg  photo d3ee6c723542c4517c7ba8620494acf4_zpsp6do6bqy.jpg  photo 3402aab87f713fd6de190526de44366f_zpske0naepn.jpg
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