American Apparel Mesh Bodysuit Vibes


So... let's just start with how edgy this outfit is. And no I don't mean a punk rock edgy all black kind of outfit. I mean something sleek, fashion forward, and well put together. This outfit basically proves you don't need to wear an overcomplicated over accessorized outfit to make a statement. There is enough going on with the different elements of material and cuts to be stylish. I tried on this American Apparel bodysuit a few months ago when it first came out. I rushed to my nearest AA and naturally they did not have it in my size... a size small. I tried on the medium to see if I would consider buying it online in a small. At the time I hesitated mainly do to the turtle neck, which I must admit... I don't wear a lot of. But, all the other elements were there such as the fit and long sleeve style I was looking for. It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I happened to browse the AA website that I saw it was sold out online. This gave me enough incentive to have my closest AA hold me one in my size. Moral of the damn story is get it the first time!


Kidding sometimes you need to wait on things and then the opportunity will present itself if it's meant to be. Because my top aka bodysuit was tight I wanted to counter that with some loose mom jeans from Topshop. I especially love these jeans because they are high waisted and give off the illusion that your waist is smaller than it actually is. And of course, the added detailing on the bottom of the jeans is perfect for wearing booties such as these Public Desire perspex 'chloe' boots. I still smile every time I see the clear heel. Just so cool! I would say this is definitely a monochromatic look. These are probably my favorite types of looks to wear because they are so aesthetically pleasing to most. I mixed mesh, denim, suede, and leather for the ultimate look. You can easily recreate this look with literally anything in your wardrobe. If your style is similar to mine where you like to wear simple pieces, but not look boring... Then, try playing with textures and the transparency for your outfits. Until next time!
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