photo Untitledss_zpsk82hv8ij.jpgT H E  M O M  J E A N

It's so refreshing to finally wear jeans that don't actually suffocate me all day. Don't get me wrong... I love a good pair of skinny jeans that holds everything in and slims you down. But, a pair of mom jeans that actually fit your body perfectly can be the most flattering on. I often find skinny jeans to squish my butt rather than accentuate. Mom jeans can actually shape your butt nicely if you find the right fit. Word to the wise... is that not everyone is going to look good in mom jeans. You need the body type for it. If you have a skinny waist and wider hips with a nice rear, than these are for you. I would suggest trying these on in the store if you've never owned a pair of this style. Let's move onto the wash. I've been seeing a lot of nice vintage bleach and acid washes. Of course they come in your normal denim wash, but I find these to look best with a worn in look. I'm also loving the updated styles we're seeing. I like a good cut on the ankles for a more vintage look. These are going to be a Fall trend for sure. I suggest you pick up a pair while there's some left. A pair of mom jeans will add versatility to your wardrobe. Push your comfortability, who knows you might end up liking them.


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