Take a Look Inside a Malibu Home

 photo main.original.640x0c_zpsqbmgsawx.jpg
I bet this house is an absolute dream to live in. Any house that creates the open and airiness feeling while mixing texture and prints has my heart. I wonder what my house would look like if I had no budget. I think I would have just as hard of a time with a limited budget... due to the fact I love too many design styles! I think my interior design style would be described as chic contemporary. I love rooms furnished with contemporary furniture and accessories of prints, furs, and organic textures. The ultimate combination of California design in my opinion.

 photo main-1.original.640x0c_zps9k79qpsy.jpg  photo main-3.original.640x0c_zpsacz2xi6k.jpg  photo main-7.original.640x0c_zpsug2mddyi.jpg  photo main-4.original.640x0c_zpsigxinnyp.jpg  photo main-5.original.640x0c_zpsdhlgh2vj.jpg  photo main-2.original.640x0c_zpsfmf4hw3r.jpg  photo main-10.original.640x0c_zps5i3qvd6e.jpg  photo main-9.original.640x0c_zpso32efr3i.jpg  photo main-8.original.640x0c_zpsmur1rv7u.jpg
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