October Inspiration

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October is here. It's time to say goodbye to sunny days and welcome the gloomy ones. I don't know about you, but I love gloomy days curled up in bed. Until next time Summer, you weren't that bad. Now that it is finally October, I am looking forward to holiday after holiday. I throughly enjoy decorating my home, but not to the point where it looks tacky. I like a decoration here and there. Besides my cat destroys everything in site. But mostly, the next few months are huge for me. I'm in a position to really make something out of nothing. I have energy. I'm ready to go.

 photo tumblr_nvgr32D1bY1s2y6zfo1_500_zpsnv8vle7c.jpg  photo tumblr_o522qsUFMS1tkdjrao1_500_zpspawqmnn0.jpg  photo tumblr_od8ekxfn8y1tcko3no1_500_zpsjreptxm2.jpg  photo tumblr_o0yom08eZu1qdsywgo1_500_zpsatotlpgq.jpg  photo tumblr_o55caeL9go1ubim7so1_500_zpsxuwyq7nu.jpg  photo tumblr_o9ubmmAlmn1vzansqo1_500_zpss0lipwus.jpg  photo tumblr_o049s6UZVS1smw1wso1_500_zpsisqy3gst.jpg  photo tumblr_ocb0xzEoqG1qdsqp6o1_500_zpst7ssoafk.jpg
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