Layering a Slip Dress

12:00:00 PM

 photo IMG_9601_zpsy7luhkvj.jpg 
IRO PARIS Leather Jacket
CAPE ROBBIN Thigh High Boots

I love styles that don't conventionally go together, but styled the right way and they work in sync. Who would have thought to mix leather, polyester, and suede in one look... The reason this outfit works, is because each piece compliments each other in terms of the color palette. If you're wanting to experiment with different materials, start with neutrals or similar tones. I wanted to go for a kind of 90's vibe with this look. This slip dress by Princess Polly Boutique is the perfect dress to layer. I paired my IRO Paris leather jacket on top to add some edginess to the outfit. Because both pieces have pink tones, they work great together. And to make this look even more 90's grunge I wore my Cape Robbin thigh high boots I purchased from I don't know what it is about this look but,  the combination of wearing a dress with thigh high boots is really sexy to me. This is definitely a look I will go to from now on.
 photo IMG_9604_zpsjqj5yutx.jpg  photo IMG_9605_zpsmutnwyl3.jpg  photo IMG_9603_zpsjiaeo4ck.jpg  photo IMG_9606_zpsnkkfrbl9.jpg

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