Fall Berry Lip

 photo 9d1b7e7e4f685de803bd4235583aae26-1_zpse3kxsihb.jpgThe Berry Lip.

If there is one lipstick shade you need to be wearing this Fall, it's this one. The berry lip is the perfect shade of dark red with purple undertones. This lipstick shade looks great with a clean or bronzy eye. Don't be intimidated by the darkness of this color. It takes some getting used to, but it's honestly a nice change from your typical pinks and nudes. Fall is the only time you won't look weird wearing this dark a lipstick, unless dark lips year round is your thing. There are a lot of great brands with a wide range of berry shades to compliment your skin tone. Here are some Fall makeup looks to inspire you.


 photo 4ce846cd87962020f8df1983f523fee6_zpsfoks6y3z.jpg  photo 16ee5f973b2496486fc0c32064a18b17_zpsow1myq5h.jpg  photo 15fc069c26c91aacf70276869c9a534e_zpsxx8mkof1.jpg  photo 70f39a33c31f153b8a073ddc72022ebd_zpswvs8bnbw.jpg  photo 5ae583e9aad1b19283c1138e79d581c2_zpsykmdzapy.jpg
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