The PINK Sofa

 photo 5c698de60f051fb46da0c9bdbeda18e1_zpsf5v6c94v.jpg I never really thought to decorate my living room with a pink sofa... or a color other than a neutral. Growing up, I practically lived on my parents Restoration Hardware green velvet sofa. I thought it was the strangest color choice to use for a sofa, but somehow it worked with the dark furniture. I'm not saying that all colored sofas work... I absolutely hate brown sofas. I REPEAT, I hate brown sofas! I have come to a realization that the best color's to choose for a sofa are pastel colors. In a way they are bold enough to make a statement, yet still are neutral enough to not clash with your other furniture. However, this dusty rose blush color is THE COLOR I would pick. I have been using this color as my accent color for my living room. The apartment I live in now doesn't quite fit the style of a pink sofa, but I am considering adding an accent chair in this color. If you want your sofa to be the main statement piece in your space, then keep the rest of your furnitures neutral or compliment colors of your sofa color.


 photo 01f1090e2e0b693401b47e87e1988e32_zpsqlo91qza.jpg  photo 52dd1bde42a1e764260a03ae73666312_zps30kbxw4k.jpg  photo fcd26c2376e29f198f97245b8984fe59_zpsbstqh8mh.jpg  photo ec6911a9a20be90e994283c959d08a36_zps8r0ovhsc.jpg  photo 073d9887e9cd5a84c70db0b7f1f2862b_zpsbawlhezu.jpg
 photo f1cd101c5ab43907cdda02021140b9a5_zpseq580ssl.jpg
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