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I know September isn't the first month but I was feel like it should be. I feel like the universe comes full circle at the beginning of September. Maybe it's because I'm excited for all the holidays and seasons to come. I feel like it's a new start and there are plenty of possibilities a waiting my future. I'm still very much in to simplifying my life in the best way possible. That goes for what I've been wearing and using.

 photo tumblr_o9zrc1AOBW1uhllbpo1_500_zpsldiccenb.png  photo tumblr_nq5o4pJqYv1sh522io1_500_zpsnycidq1j.jpg  photo tumblr_ob44ljPYTf1u5mc2eo1_500_zpsbwtcepp2.jpg  photo tumblr_nis3ltbsfo1tacyaio1_500_zpsldcylasn.gif  photo tumblr_obcj8pi5yI1qb80pho1_500_zps83j0rtfu.jpg  photo tumblr_o9t9q037iU1s2wjzuo1_500_zps2etlflxh.jpg  photo tumblr_o3xvncMxLt1sgjo0oo1_500_zpskdjo9siv.jpg  photo tumblr_ob5so0poND1twuvzho1_500_zpsfo5nmzhc.jpg
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