My Makeup Collection feat. MUJI acrylic boxes

11:00:00 AM

 photo MAKEUP COLLECTION copy_zpswyys5bqx.png For some reason, displaying makeup is so aesthetically pleasing to me. It gives me the sense of luxury in a way. I have been really enjoying my MUJI acrylic makeup boxes. I think it elevates the space. I try to stay some what controlled with the amount of makeup I own. I am a routine buyer of certain products but once in a while I will add a new lipstick or eye liner to my collection. I make sure to get the most out of my makeup and really enjoy what I have. More often than not I stick to a few looks that I switch up according to the occasion. However, when I do have the time, I love experimenting with my eyes mostly or trying a daring new lip color outside my comfort zone. The thing that amazes me the most, is how my makeup skills have developed over the years. I feel like my skills are above average which makes me laugh that a few YouTube videos really can make the difference. Is it possible that some of us are more skilled at painting our faces with glitter? I think practice makes perfect and the more often you do it the easier it gets. Like everything I go through fazes where I love an all natural look and other times I want to feel like an 'Instagram Baddie' if you know what I mean... Whatever the case is I am happy I have it all neatly wrapped up in my Muji acrylic boxes. One of the best purchases of 2016. I throughly enjoy my OCD when it comes to creating a cute vanity setup.

Below you will find my makeup collection video. 

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