Let's Talk About it | CHROME NAILS

 photo unnamed_zpsqrn19ti9.jpg One of my favorite nails trends this past month is chrome nails. This trend is definitely a statement you wear on your hands. I love anything that gives a mirror or reflective effect. You can buy chrome in powder form or nail polish form. From what I can tell, the powder form gives a more realistic and polished look. The chrome powder is applied on top of any polish by rubbing it into the nail. The best part is that this trend is extremely cheap. You can find chrome powder online at places like Amazon or Ebay for a few dollars. There are many different options from holographic to different metals. I will definitely be trying this trend. Let me know what you guys think about this nail trend. Is it ugly or would you pull it off?

 photo mychrome_grande copy_zpsdpfxfy9y.jpg  photo c9f18f4acdfda6cc8bb3faa8c2a360cf_zpssiyhuwuj.jpg  photo 861f69210b7a753ff6c373b546c129f8_zpslr9rznes.jpg  photo 5419b005fcc854c8c5b9a70c94738fdd_zpsgkxwsc0h.jpg  photo 28da7cd7b6969a8592db8c59befa5cdb_zpshe9kh8p2.jpg  photo Dazzling-chrome-nail-idea-with-fake-nails_zpsrhyjvkjf.jpg
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