All Things VELVET

 photo fea1684d2fa9513f98835cfbd34adfae_zpsxtaws5nw.jpg Let's talk velvet. I know I won't stop talking about all things velvet but Winter is coming and I'm dressing myself head to toe in velvet. Something about the way the light hits the velvet makes the prettiest reflection. Here are a few options to wearing velvet. If you don't want to fully immerse yourself in velvet, a choker is the next best thing. A touch of elegance wrapped around your neck like a present is what I can adorable. My favorite colors to wear velvet are dusty rose, dark blue, and burgundy. You can also pick up a pair of velvet booties, a velvet dress, a pair of velvet heels or a velvet backpack if you a die hard velvet wearer.


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