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The latest denim brand to hit the streets. Growing in popularity thanks to almost every celebrity wearing these.

So what is RE/DONE denim all about?

Founded by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, they call themselves a luxury label of the twenty first century. A movement that focuses on restoring the individuality of luxury fashion through sustainable fashion. RE/DONE denim uses recycled vintage Levi's denim as their source of denim. They then use this denim to repurpose the fabric. The founders believe the jeans tell a story of their past life through the distressed and worn look, stating "Its travels have been recorded in the frayed pockets, the whiskered coloring, the torn knees, and the faded denim. These pre-loved jeans have circulated owners and changed hands over the past few decades, transforming them and giving them a life of their own". RE/DONE denim prides itself on being manufactures in Downtown Los Angeles, using water conserving methods and no harsh chemicals.


Let's talk about the denim itself. If you are a fan of all things vintage, RE/DONE denim does them right. But, they come at a heavy price tag. A single pair of jeans will put you back almost $300. So these aren't everyone's cup of tea. Not everyone is going to get the movement. Personally, if you want the real thing, sometimes you have to pay more. RE/DONE denim offers the perfect looking vintage denim jeans. Not only do they look great but the fit is what you are paying for. A lot of times vintage denim do not fit right. While RE/DONE denim has done the hard work for you. These are truly a special pair of jeans that embody both the vintage character and modern fit.

For more on RE/DONE denim, you can visit their website HERE. photo ErinW_zps7nomouop.jpg  photo ErinW2-1024x681_zpscxemybyo.jpg

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