August Instagram Photo Diary

 photo 14073155_139460699833075_848637332_n_zpsmjed9dyi.jpg August was definitely a fun month. Even if Summer is coming to an end, it couldn't be better timing. I'm finally settled in to my new apartment. I am beyond happy with my new place and can't wait to slowly decorate it the way I want. I've never had a place to my own where I get to make all the decor decisions. My bank account won't like me the next few months.... I feel good things are ahead and I can't wait. I find it very hard to be consistent with your life. It's better to take breaks than to burn yourself out. As I grow older, I try to balance everything a little better. I am much happier that way.


I finished the month in Monterey, CA. It is always nice to get out of LA... It can get to be too much sometimes. Everyone has sentimental parts to their life and cars is  one of them. Not so much what the car brings you but more the history and curiosity beyond how it works is what I enjoy. I think you can appreciate something more if you start from the beginning. Like anything... old always becomes new again. 

Just know that good things come and go as quickly as bad things do. So if you feel you are stuck in limbo, paralyzed and can't move, take a different approach. So many times I handle my problems the same way and I realize now that you can't have tunnel vision.

 photo 14033689_773032172839716_995299429_n_zpse5emwfpm.jpg  photo 13721338_1204855449577763_2117778138_n_zps8qs0bcog.jpg  photo 13743220_1859689540921176_1079659212_n_zps5jpg6hip.jpg  photo 14128691_1787532228183512_90478859_n_zpsowhs2rig.jpg  photo 14063469_1611137422515444_1825486887_n_zpskbc0gg92.jpg  photo 13767562_985577144879590_880020001_n_zpslso3iotc.jpg
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