August Inspiration

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With Summer coming to an end, I've been reflecting back on a few things. It's funny how things come full circle again. I've been really inspired by a lot of the older fashion icons. It's easy to see how they set the trends for future generations. I've always been intrigued by how old becomes new again.

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 photo tumblr_oaizppxvBe1r62o57o1_500_zpsnseqqhdp.jpg  photo tumblr_ni6apo6CZa1regqneo1_500_zpsrqccsfdd.jpg  photo tumblr_o9p14gySRA1qcqckto1_500_zpsfzlacys6.jpg  photo tumblr_mwqxb1yagi1shrdymo1_500_zpsj8337fop.png
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