How To Get | California Style

10 ways you can dress like a California girl! Growing up in California, I have a pretty good idea what the California lifestyle is about. One, we never try too hard or at least try not to come off that way. Californian's like simple but classic style. We look to investment pieces as well as basics pieces to add to our wardrobe. Starting with...

1. Sunglasses | Sunglasses are a great way to add some sophisticating and style to an outfit. I usually go for a tortoise shell or cool lens color during the summer.

2. Hats | Fedora hats are for those sunny days when you need a little protection. A desert/sand color is a great neutral color to pair with both denim and floral prints.

3. Fringe | I am not the biggest fan of fringe but when it comes to handbags.... hello! The right amount of fringe has California written all over it.

4. White Tee | If you are going for a laid back style, a white t shirt is the best way to go. Owning a few white t shirts in different cuts and styles can really make your wardrobe versatile. Not to mention it is a classic look.

5. Light Washed Denim | Anything light denim automatically screams beach vibes. Light denim is a great way to keep things cool and casual during the summer.

6. Cardigan | Cardigans are an essential to a Californians wardrobe. Cardigans are extremely versatile in that you have the ability to dress it up or down and where it day or night. Again, a nice neutral color is the way to go.

7. Sneakers | We can't all wear heels year round. So when you feel yourself getting tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes, put on some stylish sneakers. They add a effortless look while still looking put together.

8. Stacked Rings | We like to wear simple jewelry layered. I love a good stacking of diamond eternity rings or delicate necklaces layered. Look for simple everyday pieces you can invest in.

9. Perfume + Facial Spray | Summer time always calls for a light summery perfume. No one wants to be drenched in a heavy perfume. And facial spray's are needed for a dewy glow for healthy and refreshing skin.

10. Mauve Lips | A mauve light pink lip is a color that will look good on every skin tone and with every outfit. Liquid lipsticks stay on all day allowing you to worry about more important things than reapplying your lipstick.
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