Summers at Paradise Cove

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OUTFIT: Victoria Secret Bikini Top, Billabong Bikini Bottoms

LOCATION: Paradise Cove | Malibu, CA. 

Finally feels like Summer. I can't remember the last time I went to the beach. I'm trying to soak up as much free time as I can because it won't last long. You are always going to go through challenges in your life. Times when you feel unconfident or question your capabilities. I think the more experiences you go through... the better you are at handling situations that are thrown your way. Partly because we as humans have been trained to fear failure. Yet, sometimes you can learn more from your failures than your successes. Society is complicated. We are so structured in certain aspects yet very freeing in others. People like to make excuses for why they aren't where they want to be in life. I say don't think about it too much and maybe just do it. Where there is a will, there's a way...


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