Lovers and Drifters Club | Lera Pentelute

 photo l11_2048x2048_zpsqfsojhj0.jpg One of my favorite models. Well known for her American Apparel prints but I really love the casting for the Lovers and Drifters Club.  photo l15_2048x2048_zpsgy7bd3h1.jpg  photo mooi_2048x2048_zpsmmtundpr.jpg  photo l14_2048x2048_zpsfeyiv9yg.jpg  photo l9_2048x2048_zpshtjhtaxy.jpg  photo l5_2048x2048_zpsqyxu8glq.jpg  photo l10_312358d8-a434-42c3-8a72-720ce8d4aedc_2048x2048_zps7qtqrng8.jpg  photo l3_2048x2048_zpsfnbrznmf.jpg  photo l17_2048x2048_zpstid0iolz.jpg
 photo l22_2048x2048_zpsbcwuudky.jpg  photo l16_2048x2048_zpsm6ttns8c.jpg  photo l19_2048x2048_zpslvmbplvb.jpg  photo l2_2048x2048_zpsxy2a474p.jpg
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