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Outfit: Fashion Nova Army Dress, Jordan Infrared 6's, Givenchy Pandora Bag I picked up this dress for $15. I love when I can mix high end with basics. Winning!

These are exciting times in my life... not just because I purchased my very first Saint Laurent bag but because I will be graduating in less than two months. Which means change. I used to look at change as something to be scared off... to bring me anxiety and uncertainty. But as you grow older, you realize being optimistic about life is the way to go. I have started to learn to enjoy every awkward and uncomfortable moment that brings you along your journey. I have grown so much the past year and I am looking forward to developing myself more as a person in the future. So this is me a very driven and motivated kid. Yes I still call myself a kid because I turn 22 on March 21. I have so much to learn and experience these perks in life make it all worth while. When have you ever regretted going through an experience after you have gone through it? Exactly... I am hungry for success, for happiness, for a positive state of mind. With that being said, don't think you can't because maybe some day you will...


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