Gigi Hadid Favorites Outfits

 photo tumblr_o1kmaazGl11r2p7yko1_r1_1280_zpszmpm4ex7.jpg
I really don't look to celebrities for fashion inspiration but sometimes you come across someone who has a really unique style. Gigi of course has the money to afford amazing clothes so styling her outfits comes easier than most... but I do get ideas on how to style pair my clothes without going out and spending more money. She has a nice tomboy vibe to her but she can dress sophisticated when she wants.

 photo 56d08f911e00002200702dbf_zpso9ph3tnj.jpeg  photo 56d074c21e0000220070ecfb_zpsrm3qffcd.jpeg  photo 56d079191e0000230070ed19_zpsk2rsgj9q.jpeg  photo 56d075e41e0000220070ed01_zpssauxeppj.jpeg
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