Minimal Bedroom Inspiration

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I haven't done a post on bedroom or design spaces in a while. I'm trying to get back into. I've always been a fan of mixing organic and modern together. Not sure if that is a thing or not but I'm running with it. I recently got a new tufted suede headboard from West Elm and I've been thinking about what to put above it. I think a fake deer head would be kinda cool. Give a new element to my room. I also love the look of stacking pictures next to each other. I am always looking for cool prints, seems to be easier to find them online than in the store. I'm moving around August... to a new apartment. It seems like such a long way away but it will come sooner than I think and I'm already excited to start thinking of new ideas for my apartment. This new apartment will be one I stay in for a few years so I can't wait to make it the way I want it to.
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