I picked up these 501 Levi's from Urban Outfitters last week for $59. I have seriously been looking for a pair of vintage Levi's. Previously all I owned were two pairs of vintage Levi shorts. These were meant to be honestly... I randomly went over to the mall on my lunch break from my internship just poking my head into Urban to see if they had any renewal jeans. I looked all around the store and couldn't find any of the renewal stuff. So I pretty much gave up and was about to leave the store when I saw an associate and decided to ask. I never ask for help... don't really like to be bothered when I'm shopping... Anyways... the associate went in the back stock room and found two pairs of Levi's. I knew right away these were it. The wash and fit were exactly what I wanted. For some reason... with these vintage jeans the sizing is all off which means every pair is super different fit wise and length wise which is annoying. Moral of the story is I got the freak-in jeans and that made my week for sure.

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