Polaroids of CANDICE SWANEPOEL trying on her “Boho Psychedelic” outfit at the 2015 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show fittings.

How To Achieve Candice Swanepoel's Body? Victoria's Secret Angel Shares Her Beauty Secrets

11 November 2015 – The ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’ are undeniably among the sexiest and loveliest ladies on the planet. The iconic Angels are one of the main attractions in every Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with their fit figures making them the most envied bodies in the world. Days before walking on the runway on November 10, the Angels shared some of their beauty secrets that are keeping them look fabulous. Candice Swanepoel, one of the most successful Victoria’s Secret Angel reveals how she keeps her abs and arms toned. The South African model shares on her Instagram account a short clip of her doing a combination of aerial yoga and ballet to stay fit. It seems like the 27-year-old Angel herself works hard to achieve her sexy body encouraging her followers to do the same. “With ballet you have to control all the way until your fingertips. It doesn’t look like it but you use a lot of muscle controlling,” Candice stated. Her workout appears to be gentle but it actually helps her tone her legs which are the ones most exposed during fashion shows. The balancing part makes her develop her core including her limbs. When it comes to her diet, Candice Swanepoel admits that she is lucky since her body has a fast metabolism. The high-earning model reveals that she is wise in choosing the food she eats. The Victoria’s Secret Angel does not deprive herself with the food she loves. "Food-wise, I’m very, very lucky that I can eat whatever I want. For me, I’ve always had a healthy lifestyle. If I eat something that’s not fresh, I feel it immediately, so I crave good food,“ the model shares. Candice Swanepoel shares that she eats meat since she grew up in a dairy and beef farm. "I crave meat. I grew up on a dairy and beef farm, so I crave that. I don’t cut anything out, and I just work out more,” says Swanepoel.
(By Veronica P. De Leon, Food World News)

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