Bad Girl

Seriously  been into these ligther pastel colors. I just ordered these "Bad Girl" socks by Dimepiece and think they're pretty bad. I also bought myself some Manic Panic temporary hair dye. I'm close to getting another hair cut but I wanted to mess around with it a little before I did that. The next three items are currently on my wishlist. The next handbag I purchase is definitely going to be a mini. I really love the Saint Laurent "Sac De Jour", the Celine Nano "Luggage", and the mini Givenchy "Antigona". Such a hard decision but I'm sure I'll have a few months to make a decision. I also decided that I need to finally buy a pair of light wash denim jeans and I found these from TopShop. I love TopShop's price point because the price is just right for the quality and when I don't feel like dropping a lot of designer jeans. Lastly, I think I'm gonna have to pick up these Nike Air Force 1's. They are just too clean and I know I could get a lot of use out of them. I've only owned one pair of these that were white with orange lining so it's definitely time to re-establish these back in my wardrobe.
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