Photo Diary | Coachella 15'

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This adventure was actually an adventure. I mean this trip was so last minute which only added to the craziness. My friends and I decided to go to Coachella without tickets.... two days before the second week of Coachella. We just decided to wing it and go. I had never been to Coachella before so I couldn't turn down a good time. The first day we ended up at a house party across the street from Coachella which was seriously torture cause I mean we were right there! But I was more worried where we were gonna sleep since our plan to camp fell apart. But my friends always come through cause  they have major connections. But we ended up staying in a house with a bunch of friendly people. Nothing but good vibes. Some other good moments from my first Coachella was an after party my friends and I went to that ended up having a ton of music artist I low key respect.... party on a bus was so random but fun, and getting into Coachella on the last day just in time to see Drake. This weekend some how was on our side because everything went the way we wanted it to. Makes me want to be more spontaneous more often.

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