March Instagram

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Instagram @styleincali

March was a weird month for me. Turning 21 was great but my life is still where I don't want it to be.  The past couple of months I have not been productive at all and I have always been that type of person. So I know something is definitely missing from me internally to feel this way. I've definitely encountered a lot of new experiences this past month. The negative ones are good references to not make the same mistake twice. A few of these photos are old just to remind me when I felt at my peek of creativity. Others are to put my life in perspective. The good, the bad, and even the ugly all have some backhanded message you can get out of. I am grateful to have such a strong support system around me from family and friends that I know I'll get back on track.

 photo 11077941_465123890326038_1080490897_n_zpsnyadn1na.jpg  photo 11055848_1422106851424384_275707176_n_zpslo4ziwln.jpg  photo 928778_1564650537150489_362834153_n_zpseem2m7js.jpg  photo 11055978_765340773574122_1860777760_n_zpsdchwcrpe.jpg  photo 11111330_891440060912956_489785392_n_zpsdcyizvfp.jpg
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