November Inspiration

 photo tumblr_mq364geiiM1qz4d4bo1_500_zpsbc3ff6ae.jpgSome much needed Cali inspiration. I'm thinking of keeping things simple the month of November. Trying not to over think things. I'm going to simplify my life. More natural makeup, minimal jewelry/clothes, spend more time doing things I enjoy and make me happy, and start looking to the future. Start thinking about what I want in life. Where I want to be after I graduate college. New York, Chicago, San Francisco sound really really nice. City life in general. Need a change, different perspective, different environment. A breath of fresh air is what I need.

 photo tumblr_ncdj4zTTdZ1r62tc2o1_1280_zps14ca6358.jpg  photo tumblr_n9ku3iEhI51qhtnkfo1_1280_zps1f8f521d.jpg  photo tumblr_n1n8feC5lV1r2gtvco1_1280_zpsca33bddc.jpg  photo tumblr_nasydzyQ2B1rbn5qpo1_1280_zps5e822dba.jpg  photo tumblr_n28y3zDkg11s8s09mo1_1280_zps49674915.jpg  photo tumblr_mzvjtdodB71rq63pmo1_1280_zps17fd3770.jpg
 photo tumblr_mt6kziVu651qjunulo1_500_zps545c35eb.jpg
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